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    A New Business: A Cafe

    aFor many people, a dream of owning your own company is just that, a dream. But there is no reason why 2022 shouldn’t be the year to make that dream come true. Opening your own cafe, coffee shop or tearoom is a popular choice of small business as we start to finally embrace the independents.  But any new business requires planning and research, and there are many factors to consider if you have a chance of making it a success. A Small Business Plan First you need a coherent business plan that takes into account premises, equipment,  costings and all aspects of finance. You need to know how much initial…

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    Finding The Right Flooring For Your Business

    Whatever business or industry your work is dedicated to, the premises you utilise are of the upmost importance. The space needs to be fit for purpose – the right size, the right shape, in the right place, and most of all, they need to be safe. Current health and safety regulations when it comes to work places are as stringent as can be, and this means that something as integral as the flooring you use, whether it be for a factory setting, a store setting or a warehouse or garage is a choice that should not be made lightly. These days, more and more businesses are opting for resin flooring…

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    A New Season – A New Business

    As we enter Spring, it is the perfect time to think about setting up a new business. Working from home became a trend during lockdown, and now many potential businesses are being set up in living rooms everywhere. Home office is the new office, and the range of businesses covers everything from Etsy shops and internet retail, to auditing, accounts, design, literally anything. There are so many positives about working from home and being your own boss, not least when it comes to childcare, but there are also things that you must consider in order to make your business safe, viable and profitable. For a newbie entrepreneur, this could be…