Children’s Fashion Focus – River Island

There comes a time in every parent’s life when you realise that your child is growing up, like truly growing up. This is happening to me at the moment with my (not so little) boy. Joe will be nine Christmas, and has suddenly discovered fashion and aftershave. It’s scary for me as his mom, but very exciting in that Joe is suddenly more interested in shopping, and in places other than the sports shop.

His latest discovery is River Island, which, has well as having a pretty amazing ladies collection this Autumn (I’m wearing River Island as I type this) now has a great children’s collection that goes from birth to 12 years old. The collection, for both boys and girls, is gorgeous and very wearable. It has a cool edge that trendy kids will love, but it also practical and remembers that kids are kids. So you have great looking skinny jeans that come with a skull keyring attached, something that is sure to delight even the fussiest dresser.

Boys light grey biker Sid skinny jeans

The collection is all encompassing, so there are pieces that are perfect for every day and the weekend wear, as well as smarter shirts and formal gear for when your mini fashionista wants to get a little more dressed up.I love the long sleeved polo tops for boys that are an echo of the current men’s collection, just great for those boys who want to dress like daddy. There are also all the things that boys seem to gravitate too, I’m talking hoodies, parkas and a t-shirts with a range of slogans, logos and prints.

Boys burgundy stripe long sleeve polo shirt

Joe recently chose the blue shirt featured below and really loves it, and this week I was actually able to persuade him that there were other types of footwear out there, not just trainers, when he picked a pair of RI boots to wear for a trip to the theatre this week.

Has your child discovered fashion yet?

Boys blue long sleeve Oxford shirt

The Coolest New Shoe Style For Kids of All Ages

For kids, being and staying cool is very important. It is a vital source of their self-confidence and self-esteem. With their confidence at the highest levels, getting friends and staying motivated in their education can turn out to be very easy. If you want to your kids to grow up into fine and confident citizens of our country, then helping them to be cool is definitely very important.


In order to become a cool kid that can stand out from the rest of their peers, fashion and styling must be top-notch. And one of the most visually effective methods is by having a pair of cool shoes. And surely, with a pair of the latest light up shoes for kids, your kids will definitely be able to stand out in the crowd and shout at the top of their lungs that they are COOL!

Light up shoes or LED (Light emitting diode) shoes have actually been available since the early 1990s. Back then, most sports and their biggest personalities have started gaining worldwide fame and interest. And with their fame, people also started paying attention to their gears and clothes especially their shoes. By then, shoe manufacturers started to take notice and immediately took advantage of the growing trend and started designing and selling different kinds of sneakers. And from then on, different gimmicks in the styling of the sneakers started to pop out from nowhere, from inflatable shoes, convertible shoes to waterproof sneakers until bright LED shoes were created and introduced in the market.

LED shoes are indeed very attractive, they don’t even lack in the styling department. LED shoes are basically similar in all aspects to regular sneakers except that their soles have bright led bulbs installed inside which lightens up every time the wearer steps and applies pressure to it. It was very popular back then to the point that each kid already owns at least 1 pair of led shoes until safety and power issues started to affect their reputation. People started to complain about always changing batteries as its capacity was low back then. Also, concerns about its’ safety started to make people afraid of it as there were cases when kids got hurt from the mercury inside the batteries. From then on, led shoes starting to drift until they were phased out.

Luckily, today, LED shoes have made their biggest comeback ever. With more dazzling, stylish and cool features to offer, they have definitely started to take over the trend charts. Furthermore, the safety issue which was the cause of their downfall was splendidly solved thanks to the help of USB rechargeable batteries that are totally mercury free. Additional features of the new LED shoes include:


  •    USB-rechargeable, Up to 10 hours
  •    Multi-Color LED lights with series lighting functions (red, yellow, green, blue, white, blue)
  •    Waterproof soles and led bulbs


With the help of today’s technology, LED shoes have made their greatest comeback and is surely going to be the COOLEST shoes for all kids.

Accessories and Baby Fashion Tips for Mealtimes

They might be messy unpredictable times, but a baby’s mealtime does not have to be practicality over fashion. In fact, both can quite easily be combined with the right combination of mealtime accessories and equipment. Here’s a few ideas about how to make a fashion statement.

Clothing and Bibs

It is impossible to get through a baby or toddler mealtime without a bib. Ideally you want a multi-snap design which will allow you to reuse the same bibs as your baby grows up. A good example is the Aden+Anais Bandana bib for example. You will also need some good clothing, perhaps some nice waterproof or easy clean clothes such as those produced by Bumkins. Finally, nursing covers can be stylish too, so if you need one, shop around and you may find something better than you expected.


Seats and High Chairs

Have a place for your child to sit which is secure and prevents them crawling away or sliding off, is vital. Mealtimes are chaotic enough with food flying everywhere and tantrums without them escaping and potentially hurting themselves. Therefore it is vital to have a high quality, safe high chair as well as a stylish one. However, expensive chairs tend to be extremely well built and designed. Shop around, and where possible, check out the high chairs in person so you can get a good feel for how well made they are and how good they look.

Bottle Feeding

Baby bottles can end up everywhere and it can be a nightmare trying to find a clean one to use at feeding time. However, you can fix this problem by investing in a nifty bottle tree. Placed on the counter, this tree can host several bottles allowing you to know which ones are clean and pick one of your choices. Of course, how stylish the bottles themselves are, is up to you – there’s plenty of high market ones available.

Placemats, Bowls, Plates & Cups

It can be difficult, sometimes impossible, to find a baby placemat and other eating implements which match the high class decor of your home. They can either be dull, cheap, or garish, but they do not have to be. Mark-Mat, for example, produces a mat which both attracts a baby’s attention and does not look out of place. There are also high quality dinner sets such as On Safari Bamboo Dinner Set, bowls, plates, and sippy cups which are perfect for maintaining a quality look and serving your child.