Should Eye Makeup Be Chosen Based On Your Clothes?

This is a question that appears much more often than you may think. Different people have different skin tone and eye colour. If you want to look your best, you want to consider various parts of your body, including hair colour and eye colour. Choosing great eye makeup based on the clothes you wear is going to make your entire appearance look complete. Get your facials done at SilverMirror or similar, go to the gym and take care of your body but remember to take extra steps for that perfect overall look. Here are some things that you should remember about matching your eye makeup with your clothes.

Blue Eyes

In this case the best possible colours to consider are blue, pink, purple, violet, taupe, black and gray. Add some subtle shades when wearing day clothes and opt for the darker, trendy alternatives as you create your night look. All blue eye shades are brightened by fuchsia, turquoise and silver.

Green And Hazel Eyes

The hazel eyes tend to reflect surrounding colours. In this case you do not want to take the clothes rules into account. It is important to change eye makeup colours so that they perfectly match different outfits. The exception is when the colours do not look good based on the skin tone you have. Most often the hazel eyes will appear green. This is why you want to consider khaki, plumb, deep green and brown as they perfectly match. Use various shades in the color families mentioned so that you would create a perfect look for various outfits and occasions. The really funky favorites are light green, gold and bright purple.

Brown Eyes

All brown eyes will look awesome in shades of purple, orange, brown, plump, pink, deep blues, peach and salmon. Colours will look best when matched with skin undertones. As an example, in the event you have olive skin and brown eyes you are going to look great when using shades of brown, peach and pink. If the skin is fair and you have dark hair, shades of plum and pink should be considered. Always consider lime green, hot pink, royal blue and tangerine as funky favorite colors.

Classics With All Eye Colours

Charcoal, navy or white base will define the area around the eyes and highlighting is great with soft powder blue shadows. Try to consider using gold or silver shimmer. All eyes will pop with sparkle shadow. Finding the eye shadows colours with an exact match to your eye colour will normally be tricky. We cannot use magical combinations as we are different. This includes tastes and opinions.


The tips mentioned above are going to do wonders but it is always a really good idea to experiment. Applying eye makeup will often make clothes look different but your personal experience is the one that should have the final say. Do be sure that you consider colour season to properly determine makeup colours used. Never choose colours that do not match for a safe combination

Stila Halloweeen Masterclass at Selfridges Birmingham



Yesterday I watched a brilliant Halloween make up masterclass with one of my favourite beauty brands, Stila, at Sefridges Birmingham. Stila’s lead UK make up artist Sascha Jackson was creating a gothic look using my friend and fellow blogger Ting Newall as her model. The look she created was perfect for Halloween parties and beyond, using smoky eyes and glitter and shine that will also be perfect for the upcoming party season that Christmas will soon bring.

I have attended sessions with Sascha before, and have been lucky enough to have had my own makeover with the Stila products, and I love the fact that Sascha gives you so many hints and tips, from the best way to apply products, to the best colours to use for different skin tones. She always preps the skin using the One Step Correct primer that adds balance and an even skintone, making your skin a perfect canvas to your make up.

Sascha applies foundation with a brush, in order to get a more natural coverage. The stay all day foundation is great for a natural look that actually lasts the day.

STILA Stay All Day foundation £28.50 Click to visit Selfridges

The theme of this makeover was all about gothic beauty, but you needed to leave any ideas about overblown, over done make up at the door. The look is all about the eyes, but skin in general, and brows and cheeks were kept as natural looking as possible. Eyebrows were accentuated, with Sascha giving the tip that if you add eyebrow colour from the centre, and leave some small gaps, the affect is of natural beauty. Another wonder product is the Poreless Putty Perfector which is the perfect product to help hide pores and give natural coverage, almost giving your skin an airbrushed feel.

The look is all about the eyes, and the colour was built up using two shades from the Perfect Me, Perfect Hue palette that have mauve/purple tones that are perfect for a gothic look. Liquid eyeliner was also used, going right into the waterline of the eye to exaggerate the smokey-ness of the look. The eye was then given a hint of sparkle with the fabulous glitter and glow liquid eyeshadow, a must have for party season.

Click to visit Selfridges

The gothic look is light on the blusher to avoid making the look too pretty, this is, after all a look that could work for Halloween, so apple cheeks are not a good look. The lips however, are a different story. Stila is renowned for fabulous lipliners and lipsticks that stay all day, with the Stay All Day lipstick being an award winner. Sascha built up an ombre style lipstick on Ting, using two shades, nude and purple. I love that the lipsticks have a matte look to them, and come in a great range of shades.

Ting’s finished look was gothically glamorous and beautiful, one that would certainly work well for Christmas party season. I loved the colours used and the techniques that Sascha employs to create a flawless face.

With thanks to Stila, Selfridges and Ting for the invitation.


Have You Checked Out Chemist4U?

When it comes to treating myself, I don’t seem to move too far away from beauty and cosmetics treats. A new lipstick in yet another shade of red, a new perfume, or a refill of an old favourite, or a sharp and sexy black eye liner, all these are treats that are guaranteed to put a smile on my face and a spring in my step. As a consequence, finding new places to get those treats is always exciting.

Chemists have always been a place that I could spend hours in – Boots, Superdrug and Savers are always on my list of must visit places on shopping day.But now I am becoming similarly obsessed with online chemists, and in particular, Chemist4U. It has a brilliant range of beauty and cosmetics products, and the prices are so, so good, making real savings from the High Street.

Here are a few reasons why I love Chemist4U.

Elizabeth Arden, Eizabeth Arden, Elizabeth Arden

I have been a huge fan of Elizabeth Arden products since I got married in 2005 and discovered the life saver that is Eight Hour Cream, Chemist4U stocks a huge range of Elizabeth Arden products that range from perfume to skincare, and also cosmetics. I discovered a great range of coloured lip protectant sticks that offer colour and protection for your lips.

The Cost

Prices are very good and competitive at Chemist4U. The brand even has a 99p section and basket fillers which easily compete with the High Street. My bargain was Elizabeth Arden Alcohol Free Toner which cost just £2.99 for a 200ml bottle. Those lip protectant sticks were less than £10.

Men are sorted too.

My husband loves his beard products and Chemist4U has a great, and affordable range including a beard wash and care set from BRISTLR that has an RRP of £29.99 but is currently selling for £3.99. This is a great Christmas stocking idea for the hubby, at this price you can afford to buy a couple.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Yes, I am mentioning the ‘C’ word, because Chemist4U have lots of great Christmas gift ideas, from stocking fillers to special gifts of fragrance, I particularly love the variations on Green Tea fragrance that I have not seen on the High Street, the lavender scent in particular is fresh and pretty.