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    Daniel Lismore: Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken At The Herbert

    On Monday I took my first visit to the Herbert Gallery in Coventry. The reason for my visit was to see the much anticipated first exhibition by the Coventry born designer, artist and activist Daniel Lismore. Entitled ‘Be Yourself, Everyone else is taken’, this first exhibition features more than 50 life size sculptures modelled on Daniel, featuring his weird, wonderful, intricate designs, including designs worn by the likes of Naomi Campbell, and created for the English National Opera. The collection is split over many rooms, with one of the instillations taking inspiration from the Terracotta Army, whilst other rooms have theatrical designs, or work inspired heavily by Pop Art and…

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    More Little Fashion Books From Welbeck Publishing

    The ultra stylish range of ‘Little Fashion’ books from Welbeck Publishing are welcoming the arrival of two new titles. The Little Book of Balenciaga by Emmanuelle Direx (click here to buy),  and The Little Book of Valentino by Karen Homer (available for pre order here), are the latest additions to the range that already counts books about Chanel, Dior, Prada, Gucci and Louboutin amongst its sartorial offerings. As ever, the books are beautiful, packed full of facts about the designers and their design houses, all illustrated with lots of full colour photographs. Whether you require these for research, as reading material, or just to look good on your coffee table,…

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    Innovative Jewellery Designs That Make a Statement (Sometimes Literally)

    Jewellery is wearable art, a way to make a statement to the world without saying a word. So, how are today’s jewellery designers innovating to create new pieces that speak to us in this day and age? Here are some of the most innovative jewellery designs in the world. Recycled Jewellery With everyone thinking green, jewellery created from recycled materials is increasingly popular. The trend goes way beyond incorporating recycled-glass beads into a design or re-moulding salvaged metals into new bits of Bling. Pieces of bicycle chains, musical instruments and electronics are all finding their ways into today’s jewellery designs. Rubber, plastic, cardboard—nothing is trash in the hands of today’s…