If I won the Lottery just what would I buy?

I love shopping! There, I’ve said it. I love the feel of getting something new, of finding a bargain, of treating myself, or a loved one, to something that has been admired, but may have been too expensive, and has maybe had to be saved for. But monthly bills and expenses, and also the ever growing expense of having a child who seems to grow out of things at an alarming rate means that my shopping habits have to be frugal and careful. How I wish that money was no object!

I’ve become one of the best bargain hunters around. I love to shop vintage, adore charity shops, and enjoy the sales so much. I love eBAY, and preloved sites where you can sometimes pick up coveted designer items for a fraction of the original price (my most recent purchase was a Furla bag that is just the softest, most gorgeous item.) And I love TK Maxx, where you can find both High Street and designer items at real bargain prices. But all this bargain hunting doesn’t mean I don’t dream of what I would do if one day I won the lottery. A lottery win is the stuff of dreams, but somebody has to win it and for the cost of the ticket it has to be worth a try. Many lotteries offer far more in prize money than the UK National Lottery. What damage I could do in Selfridges with that sort of money. I often daydream, after winning the lottery, what would I buy?


As money is now no object, I would also add a little piece of Victoria Beckham to my dress collection. Victoria’s close are known for being understated and elegant, but this abstract print metallic midi dress is probably as disco as Victoria is ever going to get, and I absolutely love the style and the print, although I’m guessing I would have to let if out a bit…I’m not exactly a VB sample size.

A holiday would be nice too. The place at the top of my wish list is New York. I would love to see a show on Broadway, and, as a massive Sex in the City fan, I would have to follow in Carrie’s footsteps by checking out all the sights from the hit TV show. Where to stay? It would have to be the The St. Regis, a bargain at around £500 per night. Show me the way to the penthouse suite please.

Shoes and Bags

Just like Carrie Bradshaw, I have a real passion for shoes and bags. Winning a fortune would leave me with a shoe collection that would rival Carries, and of course I would have to add some Manolo’s and Jimmy Choo’s to that collection.

New shoes need a new bag, and this season’s lust have BOTTEGA VENETA pouch leather clutch is just so gorgeous it would have to come home with me. The price? Well, put it this way, there’s no change from £1000. Definitely one for the lust list.

What else? A supermarket sweep around Tiffany’s would be nice, as would being let loose in the Foyles book shop on Tottenham Court Road. I also wouldn’t mind buying my favourite football club West Bromwich Albion if money really was no object.

We can all dream, can’t we.

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Designer Fashion: Facing Difficult Times

For years the elite fashion stores in our major cities, like London and Paris, have welcomed tourists with open-arms as big spenders, but with the outbreak of Covid 19 leaving the big cities like ghost towns, the big designer names are struggling, with no fashion weeks, lack of celebrities on the red carpets to share their designs, and stores and ateliers all closed. It seems that fashion is yet another victim of Covid 19.

We are all aware of how the High Street has struggled, with big names like Cath Kidston, Warehouse and Oasis, the Arcadia group, Debenhams and English classic brand Jaeger all falling victim to the virus, which, combined with the decline of High Street shopping, the rise of online only brands like ASOS, has seen shops shutting at an alarming rate. No one seems to be able to avoid the slump, with even the High Street colossus Primark has seen staggering losses due to having its stores shut and no online presence. The elegant designer stores of Bond Street have also had to close their doors, abandon the traditional fashion week, and look again and their designs. In the luxury sector, brands are predicted to experience a £8.78 billion decline in sales this year according to a new report in Elle magazine.

But fashion, and the industry is fighting back. Jivad Marandi, a prominent British fashion business investor who is investing substantially in the UK Fashion Industry, has said that there needs to be an emphasis on supporting British businesses in the realms of fashion, rather than the asset stripping that has been a notorious by product of the decline of the High Street. Marandi, who is an investor behind successful British design names like Anya Hindmarch and Emilia Wickstead believes that investors should have a long term view, rather than just short term rescue bids.

Fashion houses are also looking at the power of online in order to stage fashion catwalks, trunk shows and films that can showcase their brand beautifully, and of course from a social distance. Fashion Weeks can still work as a shop window, even if they have to be done completely digitally in order to go ahead, and in many ways these shows can meet an even wider audience, so may actually work better in the long run.

Fashion is sometimes seen as frothy and frivolous, especially in the middle of a global pandemic, but the truth is that it is a massive part of Britain’s trade, with British design and style one of our true strengths. It will need a lot of support to emerge from the pandemic in a good way, but with the determination and foresight of designers and entrepreneurs, this should be something that can be achieved.

Victoria Beckham New York Fashion Week 2016

Victoria Beckham New York Fashion Week 



A Guide To Stylish Driving

There are so many things to consider when learning to drive. Who to choose as a driving instructor? How many lessons to book? How much to spend on a car? Where to get specialist car insurance and what sort of cover to opt for? My head is almost buzzing with all this boring and mundane stuff. But, we can also have a little fun when it comes to our cars even with all these things to consider. I think the best way to make your driving experience as stylish as possible is to think of everything in terms of fashion!

My Driving fantasy


My mantra at the moment seems to be ‘what would Grace do‘, whenever I’m faced with any issue, problem or dilemma. In terms of driving, Grace always wore a gorgeous and elegant pair of driving gloves, in ladylike white or a pastel shade. So my first step towards stylish driving may well be to get my hands (so to speak) on a pair of beautiful, elegant driving gloves.

A Personalised Number Plate

Next to consider is the number plate. Do you really want to settle for just a bog standard plate, wouldn’t it look much better to get something personalised and special just to you? NewReg.co.uk and one of the UK’s oldest and foremost number plate companies, and can allow you to search their database of thousands of numbers in order to find a personalised number plate that is perfect for you, your personality or your hobbies and interests, It will make your car feel just that little bit more special to you, giving you that thrill every time you see it, and, of course it will make your car just that bit easier to find in a crowded car park!

Driving Licence

Now let’s look at that driving licence. Grace would never leave that important piece of paper bare and uncovered in the bottom of her handbag. Grace would have a special driving licence cover, probably leather, most definitely designer.

A Head Scarf

And then there’s the question of scarves. Grace often wore them to cover her hair when driving, Brigitte Jones tried this look with a little less success. A pretty square scarf is perfect for covering the head, and if you happen to find one with a car print, that is even better, a sublime  gift for any pretty petrolhead.