Living the Good Life with Diabetes

Having diabetes means a lot of lifestyle changes have to happen. In fact, the entire situation can often seem overwhelming, especially when a person is first diagnosed. Fortunately, it becomes considerably easier to deal with as time goes on. I have been diabetic for almost 15 years, but recently I have been transferred from tablets to Insulin, and am now having to evaluate my food choices all over again. Below are some tips about diet and lifestyle choices that can help anyone that has been diagnosed with diabetes live the fullest life possible.


Fruit is a healthy choice and one your body needs, but some types of fruit do contain a lot of natural sugar – fructose. You can and should still enjoy fruit, it’s health benefits far outweigh the bad, and a good way to indulge is by making your own juices and smoothies where you can use a smaller amount of fruit but still get the taste and flavour. It may be worth investing in a juicer from to help make life easier.

Dealing with fast food

One of the most difficult things to alter for most people is the way they eat. Fast food is notoriously unhealthy but if you are a diabetic and you have to eat it, choose lighter options such as salads as opposed to burgers or french fries. Take care to use the least amount of dressing possible, because this can turn an otherwise healthy option into something that is scarcely any better than the hamburger you just passed up.

Eating at other restaurants

Sometimes, eating at even the most upscale restaurant is no easier than eating somewhere that serves fast food. Typically, restaurants in general have a habit of serving unhealthy meal options and the portions are way too large. Again, choose a healthy option like a salad and baked fish or steamed vegetables. Ask them to hold the dressing. This is a much healthier option than many of the other things that are probably on the menu.

Eating at home

When you learn how to cook in order to help your diabetes instead of hinder it, your life will probably become much easier. If you are going to eat meat, choose healthier options such as fish or chicken without the skin on it and refrain from frying anything. Eat a lot of vegetables and make sure that you choose healthy options when it comes to the various ways that you choose to cook them.

Typical pitfalls

There are a lot of pitfalls when it comes to dealing with your diabetes. Eating a lot of sugary desserts or frying too many foods are never a good idea. Neither is consuming a lot of pasta. If you do these things and you don’t get a lot of physical activity, you are setting yourself up for disaster.


Foods that help

Believe it or not, there are some foods that can actually help improve your blood sugar levels as opposed to hurting them. These include foods like cinnamon and coffee. If you love coffee, go ahead and indulge but try to leave the sugar aside. You can even incorporate some cinnamon into a few healthy desserts so that you don’t feel like you are missing out on everything all the time.

Test your blood sugar

This should go without saying. Get in a routine of checking your blood sugar levels and test them often using diabetic test strips.



Physical activity

You need to get a lot of physical activity. You don’t have to prepare to run a marathon, but it is a good idea to walk, ride a bicycle or play some basketball with friends. Do what you have to do to get off the couch and start moving.

Creating the right lifestyle

Without a doubt, your life as a diabetic will require a certain period of adjustment. Focus on changing your diet and becoming more active but do not beat yourself up if you are not able to make the change completely at one time. This is a process and there is nothing wrong with that.

Sleep matters too

Not getting enough sleep can cause people to become diabetic, so it only stands to reason that you need to get plenty of sleep if you are already dealing with this problem.

Watch your weight

Sometimes it is a struggle to keep your weight under control when you are a diabetic. The sooner that you find a way to maintain a healthy weight, the better position you are putting yourself in to stay healthy.



Reviewed – Izza Pizza In Selfridges Birmingham


The best pizza I ever had was in Sardinia. A small, unassuming looking pizzeria created pizzas to order, which were then eaten in the square in the Old Town in Alghero, overlooking the harbour with the sun shining. The locals all flocked there (always a good sign) and the square was filled with extended families all enjoying the early evening sunshine and the delicious sourdough pizzas, stone baked in traditional ovens. I remembered those delicious pizzas well on Sunday, when I went along to Izza Pizza, the newest food outlet in Selfridges in Birmingham, and part of the Lasan Group who are dedicated to creating good food in many different types of cuisine. Izza Pizza creates delicious Italian style street food with fast and efficient service.

We were greeted in a friendly manner and allowed to chose our table. We started by ordering soft drinks and I was recommended a new addition to the menu, a fresh and traditional style lemonade which is not yet on the menu. It was delicious – traditional lemonades can be too sharp and zesty but this had mint and was just sweet enough to avoid those ‘faces’ (you know exactly what I mean.). Hubby enjoyed a selection of olives whilst we perused the menu, I’m not a fan but he assured me they were delicious.

Izza Pizza has a great children’s offering of a six inch Margherita Pizza and Ice Cream for just £5.50. If your little one is brave you can add additional toppings, but the Margherita itself is lovely, with lots of stringy cheese and tomato. From the adults menu I opted for one of the Izza 12 inch remixes, the Tease and Onion(£8.95), whilst Pete, ever a classicist, went for Quattro Stagioni (£10.50). We also ordered sides, two portions of seasoned wedges (£3.50) and a garlic flatbread (also £3.50). We opted for all the food to come out together rather than as a starter and mains.

You can see the pizzas being prepared, and the eye catching golden oven ensures lovely scents are adding to the general temptation of Pizza. The food was very quick to arrive, which was impressive, but if I’m to be honest, it could’ve done with being a tad warmer. That said, the portions were good and hearty, and the flavours rich and tasty. My pizza was very flavoursome, due in no small part to the addition of goats cheese, whilst the Quattro Stagioni was just filled with topping. The sourdough base was excellent, and made it perfect for eating the Italian way – that is ripped and then rolled so you lose non of the toppiings.

The sides, in particular the wedges were excellent. I’m not generally a fan of wedges, often finding them greasy, but these were crisp and tasty, with fluffy potato in the middle, and the creamy chive mayo dip was the perfect accompaniment. The flatbread was frankly amazing, dripping with garlic butter and of a generous portion size too.

I really enjoyed the pizza and frankly couldn’t finish it, it was so generous with the topping that I was full well before finishing. In hindsight, you could share a pizza and sides and that would make a great lunch option. With the friendly and efficient service that is offered, and the added delight of being able to people watch in Selfridges, I would definitely recommend giving Izza Pizza a try very soon.

Izza Pizza

Selfridges Food Hall, Birmingham

Click here for menu and more information.


New Yorker Beer Launch At Nosh And Quaff

I’ve been enjoying a late Summer break over the past week, making the most of the last of Summer in Wales, but, before I went away I enjoyed a lovely evening of food and drink at Nosh and Quaff in Birmingham. This was for the launch of New Yorker Beer, a lager that is currently being served exclusively in Birmingham at this venue. Although beer is not usually my tipple of choice, I have to say the launch was very enjoyable.

Nosh and Quaff is a well known and much loved Birmingham City Centre eatery, with a catchphrase that reflects its most famous dish (lobster) encouraging its guests to ‘get messy’. It was the perfect place for the launch of New Yorker beer as the place has a cool and laid back New York air, and a food menu that has a definite American vibe, with Mac ‘n’ cheese, ribs and slaw and corn dogs amongst the favourites.

It would’ve been hard not to spot where the launch was being held due to two rather large inflatable New Yorker bottles decorating the entrance to Nosh and Quaff. Once inside the bar there were tables covered with slogans and hashtags that were just perfect for Instagram opportunities.

The beer itself is rather lovely, a bottled beer that is a light, silky drink in a golden colour that is filled with flavour. It avoids being gassy, I often feel bloated by lager, but I had two bottles and really enjoyed them both. They were the perfect accompaniment to the delicious taster menu that Nosh and Quaff had put together for the launch, full of crispy fried finger food including the most divine sweetcorn fritters. And, it still remains a true fact that the Mac ‘n’ Cheese is the best I have ever tasted. Ever.


With a fabulous acoustic music set providing a perfect backdrop, this was a cool and laid back launch that matched beer and food perfectly.

*With thanks for Hoot Hospitality for the invitation.