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    How to Meditate Like a Surfer

    You don’t have to surf, to tap into the meditative power of the ocean. People tend to only think of meditation as a quiet pursuit that requires stillness. Stillness can help bring awareness to our surroundings, but activity can also raise awareness, bring on a meditative state. A beach-going practice, even if it’s a sand garden on your table top, can bring the peace of the ocean to you. These at-home meditation practices can help you find that surfer vibe. Be in the moment When you immerse yourself in the churning water of the Pacific Ocean, you become immersed in the present. The next wave can reach you quickly, so…

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    Lifestyle Changes To Help You Lose Weight

    Making the decision to lose weight involves more than choosing a diet plan and hitting the gym here every now and then. You always hear people say “It needs to be a lifestyle change in order for it to work.” So what does that entail? How can you go a step above a “diet” and make changes that are going to last? The truth is, if you want to lose weight, and to more importantly, keep the weight off, you really do need to change your lifestyle, to change your mindset, and you may also need to get some professional help so that this is a positive move in your…

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    Horse Riding And Its Celebrity Fans

    With the lockdown continuing to ease in most parts of the UK, there has been a rise in the number of people who are getting back in the saddle and enjoying horse riding all over again. The Queen was just one of the people who had missed riding during lockdown, and indeed the first published picture of her after lockdown was, inevitably, one of her riding a pony in the grounds of Windsor Castle. It is apt then, that horse Riding is often described as the Sport of Kings, but these days it could also be as truthfully described as the sport of the glamorous celebrity. The list of well…