Creating A Stylish Garden Space

Your garden is probably the last thing on your mind right now. After all, we are now at the end of Summer, and with a few days respite in between, it’s been a rather wet Summer at that. The rain probably means your garden is still looking pretty good in terms of the lawn and plants, but as gardening enthusiasts will tell you, looking after your garden is an all year round full on job. The urge to have a stylish garden, a beautiful outdoor space is always there, it is an extension of your home and can be enjoyed whatever the season.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is as your garden needs to look its best three-hundred and sixty-five days of the year. To make that happen, take a look at the tips below.

Seek Professional Help

If you love your garden, but don’t actually enjoy gardening, or find the job too big, you can find a professional gardener to help with the job. You can find a whole range of gardening professionals that offer a wide type of garden service, from landscaping on a grand scale, to simply coming and cutting the lawn and weeding every few weeks. This is great if you work during the day and feel that your garden is neglected during the Winter months.

Add Colour

A garden without colour is a garden that is missing a spark. The colour is essential because it brings everything to life and makes it look as vivid and as rich as possible. When it comes to style, you want people to look at your garden and think ‘wow.’ Well, with the right colour scheme, they will do exactly that as the shades will blow them away. Concentrate on the plants to begin with as they are the supplementary colours, and make sure they mix with the lawn. The green of the lawn should dominate, so everything needs to play second fiddle and merge seamlessly. One of my favourite blooms is the tulip, which can come in a range of stunning colours and are pretty easy to grow (just find a sunny spot that is protected from the wind and has good drainage.) Your tulip bulbs should be planted in late Autumn (November time) in soil that has good drainage and will then flower as the ultimate Spring Flower that can help create a riot of colour in your garden.


Buy Garden Furniture

Again, garden furniture is practical, but it also takes up a lot of space. It is important to note that filling space is hard as you need to get the right balance. Fill too little and there is something missing, yet fill too much and it looks untidy and messy. The key is to buy a small amount of large furniture. That way, you don’t look as if you are using too much, but you are also filling the space. There are plenty of options, but rattan garden furniture is among the best.


Invest In Lighting

Gardens are not just for the daytime – they are also for the night-time. To enjoy your garden when the sun goes down, you need to be able to see what you are doing! Obviously, you need light for a practical purpose, but it also has another purpose. Garden lights are brilliant at creating atmosphere, and atmosphere goes a long way to setting the perfect style and tone. The key is not to put them down anywhere on a whim. You should think about it strategically and place them where the dark is most prominent, and where the most colour is in the garden. That way, you can illuminate the best areas of the garden and create contrast.

lihtsFollow these tips and you will have the most stylish garden in the neighbourhood.

Beautiful Blooms From Prestige Flowers

If there is one thing that I truly love, it is having fresh flowers in my house. I love the look and the scent of real blooms, and I always think they signify that Spring is actually here, even if for a few days it was masquerading behind wintry snow. On Mother’s Day, I am always presented with flowers, even if I have other gifts too, and these are the gifts I really love to receive.

If you are looking to present your mom with flowers this Mother’s Day, then I can highly recommend the beautiful Mother’s Day blooms from Prestige flowers. Prestige has a truly fabulous collection, and offer next day delivery, perfect if you are one of those people who leave everything until the last minute. The flowers arrive in a large box which gives them room to breathe, and with a good supply of water attached to the stems to keep them hydrated. This means that when they arrive they are fresh and blooming, not wilting but stunning.

The bouquets have all been skillfully arranged by British Florists and you can see this in the riot of colour and mixture of blooms and leaves. The arrangements are super attractive, sure to delight anyone receiving them as a gift. For Mother’s Day, Prestige have also created special gift packages that not only include the gorgeous flowers, but also delicious luxury chocolates and a cute teddy bear, creating a rather wonderful gift idea, particularly for a mom experiencing her very first Mother’s Day.

I have received my own bouquet from Prestige, and you can see from my pictures just how bright and beautiful the arrangement really is. If you are stuck for an idea of what to treat your mom to, you really don’t need to reinvent the wheel, sometimes the traditional gift idea is the best and still the most appreciated, because everyone loves to receive flowers from a loved one.



Getting To Know You Through Your Birth Flower

Our birth date affects many different things. It dictates our astrology sign, which in turn can often be an indicator to what sort of personality traits we have. It also decides which birthstone belongs to us, although this can be different depending on the source – I was born in June, some say this is the month of the diamond, others claiming it for the pearl. But, until quite recently, I didn’t realise that different months of the year had also been assigned a birth flower. This month, Flying Flowers have put together a handy guide to the correct birth flowers for each month, along with some information about the symbolism of the flower and the character traits of people born in a particular month, It is a fascinating piece, well worth a read,

My birthday is the 15th June, which makes my birth flower the rose. This really pleased me as roses are one of my favourite blooms. I’ve loved roses ever since I was a young girl, when my grandad had both a red and white rose bush growing in his garden. I remember clearly that the white always seemed to bloom in abundance, whilst the red gave flowers less regularly, and this made them seem rarer, and more special as a consequence. Even now, roses are my flower of choice when it comes to romantic occasions, although my husband tends to buy me yellow roses as these are now my favourites.

Flying Flowers says of the rose:-

Roses were first grown in China around 5,000 years ago, and now they’re one of the most popular flowers in the world. Their symbolism of love is known far and wide, and they’ll always be a solid favourite for Valentine’s Day.

That seems to sum them up perfectly for me.

I love the idea of knowing what your birth flower is. It makes it a perfect, and truly personal choice as a birthday gift for someone, as well as being a lovely choice for a new mother, to present her with a bloom to reflect her child’s birth date. Flying Flowers gives tips on what sort of floral gift people would like according to their birthday, and I have to say that mine was spot on in saying I would love a floral gift bursting with colour, anyone who knows me knows I totally love colour, the brighter the best, hence my love for yellow roses.

What sort of flowers do you love. Check out the flower birth date guide and see if your bloom truly matches your taste and personality.