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    X Muse Vodka Is Just Perfect For Summer

    Whether you have a touch of James Bond about you and enjoy your vodka as a vodka Martini (shaken not stirred obviously), like it neat, or with a touch of tonic or lemonade, good vodka is a fabulous Summer drink. It looks cool, makes great cocktails, and is surprisingly low calorie, making it an alcoholic option for those who are watching their weight. What’s not to love? X MUSE ( pronounced ‘tenth muse’ as in X the Roman Numeral) is the first blended barley vodka inspired by the spirit making traditions of Scotland. It comes in a striking, art deco inspired bottle that seems to have been made to be…

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    Why Do We Make Our Taste And Flavour Choices?

    When it comes to foods and flavours, we all know what we like and what we don’t like? But what is less certain is why we like certain things, and yet turn our noses up at others. It turns out that it is a far more complex issue than just like/dislike. Our life experiences and particularly experiences when it comes to food, our upbringing (linked to the sorts of food we were exposed to at an early age) and even our age, can all effect the tips of tastes and flavours we enjoy, and these can change as we progress through life. V2, one of the nations leading brands when it…

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    Creative Ideas For Your Next Dinner Party

    There’s no better feeling than being the hostess or host of a dinner party that’s a roaring success. Knowing how to throw an amazing party, however, is no easy feat. This is why you need to plan your night well in advance. Deciding on a dinner party theme is a great way to tie things together, from the food that will be served up to the entertainment and music. Whatever special occasion you’re hoping to celebrate, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this post to throw an unforgettable night in. Planning a Memorable Party The first step to ensuring your party night goes smoothly is to plan everything out in…