Jewellery Ideas for Valentine’s Day: Stackable Rings, Watches And Designer Treasure

With Valentine’s day just a week away, I am today having a look at gifts that would work  well for both men and women, that is, the gift of jewellery. Jewellery is very much a gift that appeals to varied tastes, and whether you opt for beautiful costume pieces, or the real deal, you can be sure that the effort that has gone into choosing a piece of jewellery would be very much appreciated.


Here I have put together a few jewellery gift ideas that I think should cover all bases and tastes.

Stackable Rings

A great gift idea, and also a really stylish and fashionable item, are stackable rings. You can pick these up quite cheaply in metal from places like Accessorize, but for really making a statement you should go for gold and gemstone options. Stackable rings can range from simple bands, to signet rings and wishbone styles and work in gold and silver. I love these as a gift idea, they work well for those who love the bohemian look, and can be something you can add to on different occasions like birthdays and Christmas to create a really unique, beautiful look.

A Watch

Giving a gift of time works well for both men and women. Brands like Rolex, Breitling and Cartier would be enough to put a smile on any face, but, of course, these do come with a high price tag. However, you could opt for a second hand design at a much more affordable price. Pre-Owned watches are now available with a guarantee of authenticity from companies like Xupes. Xupes also deal in pre-owned designer handbags which could be another gift idea, one which would definitely work for me.


Costume Jewellery from Butler and Wilson

When it comes to costume jewellery, Butler and Wilson is my destination of choice. I’ve always loved the beautiful store on South Molton Street, which is how I imagine the jeweled cave from Aladdin would look, just so sparkling and pretty. If you can’t get to the London store, you can find Butler and Wilson pieces at super affordable prices at QVC.


A designer piece

Buying a designer piece of jewellery can often be cheaper than opting for the designer bag or shoes. Selfridges always have great pieces by Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen and some of these come in at less than £150. These gifts come beautifully boxed and would be sure to be opened with appreciative gasps on February 14th.

 MARC JACOBS Enamel disc hinged bracelet £50.00 Click to visit Selfridges

MARC JACOBS Enamel disc hinged bracelet

 ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Skull double wrap leather bracelet £135.00 Click to visit Selfrdiges

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Skull double wrap leather bracelet

 VIVIENNE WESTWOOD JEWELLERY Kika stud earrings £95.00 Click to visit Selfridges

Kika stud earrings

Personalised Photo Gift From CanvasChamp

With Father’s Day almost upon us, it is the time of year when we start to look at good gift options for dad. One gift option that is always popular is a special photograph that is turned into a gift, be it a cushion, a magnet or a canvas. This is a gift that can commemorate a special occasion, capture a unique moment, and is very personal to the one both giving the gift, and receiving it. A perfect idea in all aspects.

CanvasChamp prides itself on producing canvas prints at a fraction of the price you can find elsewhere. It can produce your print in a range of sizes that go from a small, discreet 20cmx20cm, to a large 40cmx50cm print. (You can also make your print custom by choosing the custom size option). You can choose to turn one specific image into a print, or can create a collage effect of some of your favourite images, or a wall display which features images of different sizes. There are also mosaic effects which are an effective and unusual way to show off a treasured picture, and, if you are feeling particularly artistic, and want to showcase your photograph in a totally different way, you can use the pop art effect to transform your image into a Roy Lichtenstein style image.

I love how easy it is to create your canvas at CanvasChamp. You can take images straight from your Instagram or Facebook accounts, as well as by traditional downloads, which I think is just perfect in our days of taking images at all times on all different sorts of media. Creating your image is simply a matter of uploading your chosen photograph and then moving it into your chosen position. The sidebar gives you the option to change size of frame, wrap and border and hardware and finish, and then the process is finished, it it as simple as that.  The frames are all hand crafted wooden wrap-resistant and the poly-cot coating over the canvas crowns them with durability and colour vibrancy.

If you are trying to think of a special present for dad this year, maybe a canvas print could be a gift that would truly delight, and really stand the test of time.


The Rise Of Craft Chocolate

When it comes to our national food and drink story, one thing seems clear, quality is becoming more and more important. We look more carefully at the ingredients that are printed in the label, wanting more natural products which not only taste better, but are better for our bodies,and often more ethical too. We want less in the way of preservatives and chemicals, more in the way of natural processes, and we don’t mind paying that little bit more for it. This trend has seen a rise in the popularity of Craft beers and micro breweries, and independent coffee bars serving Craft coffee, now get set for the craft trend for everyone, the trend for Craft chocolate.

So what is Craft Chocolate, and why is the time now right for it to grow in popularity? Well, when it comes to craft chocolate, it seems like the adage less is more certainly rings true. Craft chocolate is often described as a journey from bean to bar, with ingredients kept to a minimum, the emphasis being on the creation of the bar using just the beans and sugar(and maybe a little milk for milk chocolate, but dark chocolate is sooo much nicer), with the chocolatier being an artisan, a creator, rather than the chocolate coming from a mass produced factory source. This will ensure that the taste is deeper and richer and the chocolate is a luxurious treat.

Craft chocolate is the perfect treat for those who like to know exactly where their food comes from. The bean to bar philosophy is not confined to the ingredients of the chocolate, but also to it’s production and transportation. Most Craft chocolate manufacturers go straight to the source when purchasing their beans, forming partnerships that ensure they know the quality of the product, but also supports small collectives and farmers in a way that the large chocolate companies can often overlook.

Chocolate in the UK is a national obsession – we all seem to have our favourite variety and bar, and of course, with Easter almost here, even the most chocolate phobic amongst us may choose to indulge. But it has to be said that, in recent years, there has been some fierce criticism of some of our most beloved bars and brands. Cadburys were the subject of a takeover bid from Kraft which definitely saw changes to some of the nation’s favourite bars. The glass and a half symbol and phase disappeared from wrappers, and many bars seemed to change in flavour (including my faves Dairy Milk and Cadbury’s Caramel). Some bars changed shape – again Dairy Milk, and seemed smaller, whilst the famous Christmas tins became plastic tubs that contained far fewer chocolates. It seems almost sacrilege to change such cherished products and has led to people looking to find new favourite chocolate products elsewhere.

So this Easter, do yourself, and your chocolate loving friends and family a favour. Step away from the supermarket sweetie aisle and look instead for a product that has just those two ingredients on the label. You will never look back!