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    Building Healthy Relationships: A Woman’s Journey Through Mental Health

    The post is developed in partnership with BetterHelp. We all want those awesome relationships — the kind you see in movies where everything just seems to fall into place. But anyone in a real relationship knows they aren’t always picture-perfect. It takes work to build and maintain healthy relationships, and that work can be really tough when you’re also experiencing mental health challenges. Think of it this way: Your mental health is the foundation you’re standing on. If that foundation is shaky, everything on top, including your relationships, can start to feel unsteady. Conversely, a strong mental health foundation helps you build strong, stable relationships. So, for many women, the…

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    Look-Good Advice For Busy Moms: How To Stay In Shape

    Work, family, and never-ending to-do lists may leave little time to take care of oneself as a busy mom. But you deserve to feel and appear your best amid the obstacles. Moreover, knowing that an average adult gains 1-2 pounds every year, fitness becomes a bigger concern for busy moms. So, we will talk about how to stay fit without adding additional pressure to your already hectic schedule.  Think about a version of yourself with endless vitality, radiating confidence, and a body that speaks to the power you carry as a mother. This guide will serve realistic and practical guidance that fits your hectic lifestyle. There are no unrealistic goals…

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    5 Things That Can Trigger A Hot Flash

    John’s Hopkins Medicine notes that 75% of women in menopause experience an increase in warmness, accompanied by rapid heartbeats, night sweats or chills and flushed complexion. These symptoms fall under the dreaded phrase that no woman wants to hear: the hot flash. Believe it or not, menopause isn’t the only reason women experience hot flash episodes. Several factors can trigger the condition. There is good news while these flashes aren’t pleasant, you can regain control by recognizing triggers and learning to cope with the symptoms. Learn more about the importance of knowing common causes, changing habits and relying on a hot flash supplement. What Are Common Hot Flash Triggers? Unfortunately,…