Finding A New Job – A Few Hints And Tips

Covid 19 has left many people searching for a new job, and whilst this can be a scary, uncertain time, there are things you can do that can improve your chances in the employment market. You may find that the loss of one job can lead to you doing something that you have always wanted to do, retraining for a new career, taking the chance to do something different. One door may be closing, but another could just be opening up.

If you are looking for employment, here are a few hints and tips that could make the search a little easier.

Use the Internet

There are many things you can do in the search for a new role. You need to be looking everywhere, not just the Job centre or the local newspapers. Many jobs are now advertised online on sites like CVVID, so you need to make sure you register on sites like this as this gives you a much wider search remit. CVVID is great in that you can upload a video CV where you can really show your potential to employers by letting your enthusiasm and personality shine through, and this could be the way forward in your job search.

Update that CV

A video CV does not mean that you should completely discard the original paper copy. Make sure your CV is up to date, and then send it out to potential employees, both electronically through email, and as a paper copy for more traditional firms. Don’t just apply for actual jobs, but send that CV, along with a covering letter, to firms you are interested in working with, ask companies to keep it on file in case an opportunity does arise – you have to put yourself out there in order to achieve.

Be More Flexible

Don’t just apply for roles that you think you have experience of, look at jobs that actually interest you. Many jobs offer some form of training and your enthusiasm and positivity could be your unique selling point, enabling you to try something new, maybe something that has always been a dream job. At the end of the day, the worst that could happen is that the company says no so it has to be worth a try, particularly if you feel like you are stuck in a rut workwise.

Look the Part

So you’ve applied for that dream job, updated the CV and bingo! you’ve got an interview. You know that you would be perfect for this position, but now you have to shine at the interview. You know that you can dazzle them with your knowledge and answers, but the reality is that your first impression starts the minute you enter the room, before you’ve even opened your mouth. The way you look and present yourself is truly your first impression, and so it pays to look the part.





How I have created the perfect morning routine

As you already know, I am not a morning person! I do try, but it is hard. When that alarm clock goes off, all I want to do is turn over and sleep for another four hours. Unfortunately, I can’t do that. Recently, I have tried my best to revamp my morning routine, so I thought I’d share my findings with fashion-mommy readers.

Here is my perfect routine – I hope it helps you too.

Get a soothing alarm clock

Ok, one of the major problems with my old alarm was that it sounded quite harsh. The last thing you need is something buzzing at you in the morning. So I switched it. You can now get soothing alarm clocks that wake you up gently, rather than shocking you into consciousness. You might want to get an alarm that wakes you with natural light or the sound of birds singing. It might seem odd, but these things will wake you up much better than a loud noise. Also, if you sleep with your curtains open the daylight will prevent you from falling asleep again.


Take a shower (not a bath)

If you take a bath in the morning,  it will take you so much longer to get ready for the day. Instead, you should be taking showers. This tip is one that has helped me loads, especially since I tend to take a while getting myself ready each morning. If you don’t happen to have a shower with your bath, you can get an enclosure for the room. Jump in the shower right away and spend no longer than three minutes there. Once done, treat yourself to soft, fresh towels so that you feel really refreshed. This might lead to you wondering how many sets of towels should I have, particularly if I am showering every single day? The answer is that is up to you, but try to have a set for each person in your home, so, if like me, you have an (almost) teenage boy, you’re not having to share with them!

Choose your towels well, better quality will last a lot longer, even with multiple washes, and, for me, a white towel is always a sign of luxury. Treat yourself to a matching white bathrobe for that lux hotel effect.

Set your clothes out the night before

Do you spend ages deciding what to wear? Yes, me too! When you first wake up, though, your brain needs a little time to warm up. That means that it will take you longer to make simple decisions than it usually would. That explains why it takes you half an hour to decide what skirt to wear each morning. What you need to do is start setting out your clothes the night before work or school run. That way, you will find that it is easy to get yourself ready in just a few minutes.


Put on your favorite track (and dress yourself)

Part of the problem with me is that I tend to procrastinate. I will start dressing and then find something to distract myself. That is the last thing you need in the morning. I have found that this little trick works a treat. Put a song on your phone and start dressing. The aim is to make sure that you have all your clothes on when the song finished. Giving yourself a goal means that you will ignore any other distractions. Plus, this idea can make a fun morning game. (You can also try this idea with your kids if they are slow dressers too.)

Keep your makeup simple

How long do you tend to spend on your makeup? Ten minutes? Thirty minutes? An hour? If you don’t have time to waste, you can’t afford to spend that amount of time doing your makeup. Instead, you need to get a simple makeup routine and stick to it. There are loads of guides on YouTube that will help you with this part of the routine. The more you practice, the quicker you will get. Again, you should set yourself a time limit for this part of your morning routine.

If you follow my tips, I am sure that you’ll perfect your routine just like I have!

Lifestyle Changes To Help You Lose Weight

Making the decision to lose weight involves more than choosing a diet plan and hitting the gym here every now and then. You always hear people say “It needs to be a lifestyle change in order for it to work.” So what does that entail? How can you go a step above a “diet” and make changes that are going to last? The truth is, if you want to lose weight, and to more importantly, keep the weight off, you really do need to change your lifestyle, to change your mindset, and you may also need to get some professional help so that this is a positive move in your life.

Here are some tips to help with this.

  • Find a Diet that suits you.

If you are over 45, losing weight can be more difficult as this can also be colliding in changes in your body as you approach menopause. You may find that you need to seek professional help, rather than attempting to do this by yourself. Andrew Hanoun has been helping woman over 45 to lose weight through his programmes that target women who have tried everything else. He helps them to  finally release all the weight, get back in control of their health and adapt a sustainable lifestyle change.

The programme involves a lot of education – you need to understand why you are gaining the weight in order to lose it and keep it off. It combines group support, interesting recipes, motivational videos and live events to help women to support women and has, most importantly of all, a high success rate.

  • Start Writing

Studies have shown that people who journal and write down everything they eat have more success in losing weight and keeping it off. There are two components to successful journaling.

One, you want to write how you are feeling each day and the various activities you do. How did you feel when you chose to eat the apple versus the chocolate? What was going through your head when you couldn’t stop at just one chip? Try to get in tune with your though processes as you make the choices you make. Look for patterns over time so you can try strategies to help you avoid making mistakes and making healthy choices.

The other component to successful journaling is to write every bite down. This means each snack, taste, and spoonful you take. You can count your portions in whatever way works for you, but make sure you write them down and are being accurate.

  • Pretend You Live in Another Country

Remember that year you backpacked through Europe or that amazing trip to Mexico? Did you spend all of your time in your car zipping around place to place? No. What did you notice about the people who lived there? They walked. Everywhere. So many people are dependent on their cars to get them from point A to point B. Skip the car and grab the bike, run, walk, jog, or dance walk. Yes, that’s a thing now, and it’s amazing.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Scientists have discovered a relationship between weight gain and sleep deprivation. Buy new pillows and crisp sheets, set your air conditioner at 69F and try to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night. Some people may need more. Aim for the amount that makes you feel rested where you can wake up without the alarm.