Garden tips for small spaces

I have recently developed a love for gardening, and consider myself very lucky to have a large garden space, big enough for a double patio, and a large lawn area for Joe. My garden is now turning into a lovely riot of colour, as the plants I bedded in spring have now sprouted and grown.

But you don’t need the space of Kew Gardens to be able to have a lovely garden area, or to get a thrill from growing your own fruit or flowers. A small backyard, or even a balcony if you live in a flat or apartment, can give you a space to make beautiful. Gardening is a hobby that has therapeutic and relaxing qualities so it is well worth setting some time aside to create your ideal space, whether it be through large pruned bushes or small potted plants.

Grasslands, the garden hedging specialists,  have created an eBook titled “How to make the most out of a small family garden” , which is full of useful hints and tips that could be helpful if you don’t have the biggest of garden spaces. The e book focuses on design tips for your garden such as which garden pots and plants are easy to maintain, but also looking at the scarier aspects of gardening,  looking specifically at which plants are to be avoided as they can be poisonous or cause irritation.
 A small garden can also need some clever design in order to make the most of the space that you have. The design of your garden,  can, for example, be helped by the garden furniture that you choose, and how you place it around your garden to maximise space. For instance, if you position your furniture in a corner facing onto all your space, your area will feel much larger and will give the impression of lots of space, even if the reality is much different.
Lots of pots can also be used,maybe to develop a small vegetable patch or a herb garden, and it is also great to get your children out into the garden, maybe giving them their own pots in which to grow their very own plants. A fairy garden or a bug box can also be a lovely idea to help your children fall in love with the garden, and see it as somewhere other than a place to throw or kick a ball.

With gardening said to help relieve stress and lower instances of depression, it seems sad to not get involved due to a lack of space, or a proper garden area. You literally just need to make the most out of what you’ve got.






A Printable Snowman Activity

One more day! Just one more day and we officially land in December, and then even the grumpiest of Bah! Humbugs have to acknowledge that it is very nearly Christmas. The tree can be put up without the chance of disapproving looks, the advent calendar can start to be opened, and you can get out all those strange drinks that you only ever drink at Christmas (Snowball, Advocat, Babycham – you know the ones.)

This year you can get into the Christmas spirit with some old-fashioned dice and card games provided by Betfair Slots. The printable game featured below is called roll a snowman and is a fun and simple game that all the family can enjoy together and is suitable for any number of players. So why don’t you turn off the TV and get involved with this printable dice game, enjoying Christmas fun in the old fashioned way – with not an i-pad in sight.


Brain Training Tips for Better Bingo Playing

After a couple of games you’ve probably got the knack of playing bingo, there’s just one problem, you’re not seeing any return on your stakes. Has beginners luck run out? If this is the case then you’re probably looking for ways to win the jackpot.

Unfortunately, there is no secret to winning a game of bingo every time, it’s a game of chance and you success is purely based on luck. However, the bingo experts at Paddy Power Bingo have said there are a few ways to up you game and increase your odds at winning the jackpot.


  • Make Your Own Rules


Have a think about why you’re playing. Are you playing bingo for fun or for profit? The best way to win is to make sure you’re using your money wisely.


  • Set Yourself A Budget


Bingo doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Set yourself a budget and stick to it. If you were one ball away from winning the last game, that doesn’t mean you’re more likely to win the next game. Remember it is a game of chance, not trial and error. Make saving where you can by cashing in on bonuses. Either shop around for welcome bonuses or stick to the sites and make the most of their loyalty bonuses.


  • Find Your Niche


Why do you think there are so many different bingo sites? It’s because each site is designed to appeal to different players. Whether you’re a regular player or a newbie with loose change, choose a site that reflects your interest. These will have the best odds for you as well as giving you the opportunity to meet like-minded players.


  • Get Some Experience


Practice, Practice, Practice. Like most things the more experience you have, the better you get. Take advantage of the free games to build up your knowledge and skills of the game. Talk to other players as they are usually keen to help out.


  • Should You Buy More Tickets?


If you have very deep pockets, and money is no object, or you play one or two games at a time, you could consider buying a large quantity of tickets each game. This will increase your odds of winning that particular game.


  • Increase Your Chances


Every game of bingo will have different odds. These are virtually impossible to calculate, bit there two ways to improve them, depending on whether you’re looking for more wins or more money.

  • Play at off peak times, there will be a smaller amount of playing so you’re most likely to win when your opposition is small in numbers. These games are likely to have smaller jackpots though, so you’re unlikely to win big.
  • Choose the games with the biggest jackpots to increase your chances of winning big. However, these games are very popular so you will have more players and less likely to win.