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    9 Toys That Will Keep Your Pet Entertained While You’re Working

    With many people now returning to the traditional office since the events of 2020 to 2021, there are more dogs that will be getting their first taste of time alone. This can be a worry for pet owners that want their dogs to be happy and entertained while they are away. Alternatively, you might still be working from home, and you might be concerned about how you can keep your pet occupied as you focus on beating those assignment deadlines or communicating with clients.  Whatever your own situation right now, here are some of the toys that could most effectively keep your pet entertained during your working day.  Puzzle games…

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    A guide to choosing a new sofa

    It seems so simple to say you are going to get a new sofa. A simple matter of choosing something you like, ordering it and then sitting back and relaxing until it comes. Well, as someone who once made a mistake with the sofa that I ordered, and then had to cancel and choose again, I can say that it is not as easy as all that. There are things to consider to make sure the choice is one that suits your house, and suits your family, and will last you for some years. Things to consider when choosing a sofa Style. When you choose a new sofa it needs…

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    Six Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy This Christmas

    In the run-up to Christmas, your family pet can get in the festive spirit too, picking up on how excited you and your loved ones are. To make sure your puppy stays happy and hassle-free over the festive season, you’ll need to be mindful that your Christmas plans can have an impact on your furry friend’s routine.  Introduce your Guests One by One  Especially when your dog hasn’t seen as many familiar faces as usual this year, having a few more select guests in your home and garden could be overwhelming for your pet. To avoid your puppy feeling stressed or scared, introduce any extra guests in your home slowly…