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    5 Things You Should Know About Fertility When Trying For Pregnancy

    According to statistics, half of all couples who are trying to conceive will take longer than six months to do so. This can be frustrating if you are ready to start your family and experience parenthood, but learning more about fertility can help you overcome common obstacles. You can start by finding the best at home fertility test, being proactive about your health, and researching the factors that may impact your ability to conceive. 1. Pregnancy Can Only Occur a Few Days Each Month The first thing you should know about getting pregnant is one of the most important yet commonly overlooked fertility facts. You can only get pregnant a…

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    Things To Include In Your Birth Plan

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Are you nervous? Excited? Most importantly are you finding yourself being busy? Understandable as there is plenty to be getting on with. Aside from informing your family and friends, attending baby showers, hospital checks etc make sure you make time to create your birth plan. If you aren’t sure what to include here are a few ideas for you. People  First on our list are the people. You can dictate who you want in the room to a degree. Once you go into labour you will see a lot of your doctor and nurses, but when it comes to family and friends you can say exactly…

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    How To Show Your Pregnant Friend That You Care

    As the Summer season emerges on the horizon, while most of us think about picking our holiday destinations and what to wear once we get there, things might not be as easy for some of our friends, like those who are pregnant. The hot season can be a struggle in pregnancy, especially in its advanced stages. Here are some ways you can help ease this challenging journey for your pregnant loved ones: Remember the mums, not just the babies. While the arrival of a new baby is a big deal, in our excitement about the little ones, we often forget to include gifts for the new mums on our shopping…