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    Accessory Ideas To Personalise Your Smartphone

    Most people have a smartphone these days, but that doesn’t mean that your mobile device has to look like everyone else’s. There are lots of creative ways you can accessorise your phone to reflect your personality. The cell phone accessory market is huge, so there’s no shortage of cute or intriguing embellishments for you to jazz up your mobile. Here are our favourite accessories to personalise your smartphone. Unique phone case Perhaps the most obvious way to personalise your cell phone is to fit it with a unique case. There are seemingly infinite numbers of phone cases on the market, so you’re definitely spoilt for choice. Why not get a…

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    Why Repairing Your iphone Is Better Than Buying A New One

    Well, what did we do before iPhones? I think this is a perfectly legitimate question. Because whether we are using them for work purposes, or in our home lives, it seems these days we are never without our iPhones. Once upon a time our mobile phones had a simple use, we used them to contact people when we were out and about, sometimes with a call, sometimes with a text message. They were useful to help us keep in touch, to keep in the car with us in case of breakdowns, or to play a simple game on if we were bored. But that was then. Today our whole lives…

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    Create A Logo – Create a Presence

    In the times in which we live, image and branding are everything. If you have a product to sell, or a company or brand to promote, you need to make sure that you have a logo that helps you to establish just who you are and what you are offering to the big wide world. Think about all the major companies and well known brands that are a market force today – Starbucks, Rolls Royce, Mcdonalds, Versace, Apple, Ralph Lauren Polo, all these brands have an instantly recognisable logo. You don’t need to see the name of the brand, or even any other wording, you know exactly who they are…