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    Best scooter For Adults

    Do you remember the days when a push along scooter was a child’s toy? A very simple machine, with handlebars and a platform, no brakes, simply push along with one foot, and once it picked up a little speed, put the other foot onto the platform. It wouldn’t take you very far, but it was still fairly fun and enjoyable. But technology in every area moves on, and scooters are certainly having a moment, whether it be the traditional variety, albeit with a millennium twist, or the newest range of electric scooters. Cool, shiny looking models are highly coveted as Christmas presents this year, as not only can they get…

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    7 Airport survival tips for Heathrow flyers

    With the warmer months approaching, you’ve probably started planning a family getaway, which means super exciting times are coming! However, before you arrive in your dream destination, you’ll have to overcome various obstacles at the airport. And when you’re flying from Heathrow – the UK’s busiest airport, those challenges will be multiplied. To help you on your way, here are seven airport survival tips.    Arrive early   Why on earth would you want to spend more time at the airport than necessary? You wouldn’t really, but when it comes to airports, it’s better to be safe than sorry, otherwise you could end up missing your flight. So rather than following the…

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    Try A Different Kind Of Cruise This Summer

    I have already shared my love of cruising holidays in many posts on this blog. For me, the luxury of the setting, combined with the excellent food and entertainment options is a great selling point. Add in the beauty of waking up in a different port of call every day. allowing you to experience a new city, culture and atmosphere, and I think you have the makings of the perfect holiday for all the family. But cruising does not have to mean a European adventure, nor does it have to be restricted to warmer weather destinations, or sailing only. You can fly to a whole range of ports in order…