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    Dream Honeymoon Destinations For 2022

    If you were to produce a list for the criteria for dream honeymoon destinations, what would be in the list? White sandy beaches? Endless days of blue skies? Idyllic romantic hideaways where you and your loved one can spend quality time away from the crowds? Restaurants where you can enjoy candlelight suppers? I’m guessing all of these things would be somewhere in the list. Here are four dream destinations that would probably tick all the boxes to create that dream honeymoon. India India is an incredibly beautiful holiday destination that suits those who want to experience history and culture as well as stunning beaches and sunsets. A great way to…

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    Beautiful Gloucester Cathedral

    I was lucky enough to spend last weekend in one of the loveliest cities in the UK. Gloucester boasts a gorgeous dockside area that was once an industrial heartland, but is now home to an exceptional shopping area, Gloucester Quays, as well as some amazing restaurants. The city is full of interesting architecture, particularly surviving Tudor and Georgian buildings, and even has the Tailor of Gloucester’s shop, made famous by the Beatrix Potter tale. And then, of course, it has its cathedral, which is not only a masterpiece of English Gothic Style, but is also the last resting place of a King of England, and has featured in two Harry…

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    Traveling With Prescribed Medication

    Holidays are a time to have fun, to let your hair down, and to basically overindulge even if you are normally very controlled. But if you are someone with a health condition that requires you to take prescription medication on a daily basis, this is not something that can be laid to one side just because you are on your jollies. This is something I say from experience – I am a type 2 diabetic who has to take two insulin injections per day, as well as a second hormone injection to help control appetite. I also take drugs for blood pressure which also have to be adhered to. Even…