A Florida Wish List

If you asked people which state they would most like to visit in America, Florida would come really high up on the list. The Sunshine State is the home to DisneyWorld, Universal Studios and The Kennedy Space Centre, as well as being the site of the Everglades.

If you are planning a trip to Florida with your family this Summer, you may well need to write a list of the places you want to see. I have produced a list of some of the places that are on my Florida Bucket list which might just help you to have the best family holiday this year.

The Kennedy Space Centre

I blame Professor Brian Cox. Ever since his highly rated TV show unlocked some of the mysteries of space, I’ve been a bit obsessed. And with 2019 being the 60th anniversary of man landing on the moon, now has to be the best time to visit The Kennedy Space Centre.

This was the launching site of Apollo 11 in 1969, and every space flight since. A chance to get up close and personal with rockets and their launch site is an absolute must if you are visiting Florida, a real experience you will never forget.

The Magic Kingdom

If you are travelling with children, then The Magic Kingdom at  the Walt Disney World Resort is just unmissable. Comprising 6 themed lands, this attraction is the one where you get to meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald and all their friends, whilst enjoying a host of rides and experiences, taking in all that is magical about Disney.

The films and the characters never grow old, and you are never too old to enjoy the magic of Disney. This is truly one for all the family.

Universal Studios

Keeping with the entertainment theme, if you are a fan of the big screen then you must take a trip to Universal Studios. The Studio experience comprises rides and attractions, including those dedicated to Harry Potter, The Mummy, The Cat In The Hat and Dudley Do Right, with entertainment shows, food and shopping.

Florida Keys

If your idea of the perfect holiday includes snorkelling, fishing and messing around on boats, then you should pay a visit to the Florida Keys. The home of Ernest Hemingway, the Florida Keys are a gorgeous string of almost tropical islands that are the perfect place to unwind and discover the real Florida. Maybe watch the video of Key Largo before you travel to get a flavour of the Keys.



Holidays For 2019

Happy New Year to you all. And, with Christmas now just a memory, tell me, who’s now thinking about holidays for the Summer, or maybe a break for this Spring? if the answer to this question is yes, then maybe you need to think about a holiday somewhere a little closer to home, one that avoids passports, airports and Brexit. I’m talking about a UK break.

It seems odd to say this, but many people who travel the world often admit that they haven’t really seen the best of what the UK has to offer. In the quest to see the world, they have missed what is in their own backyard. I have to admit to being one of these people, so while I have been thinking of booking for 2019, I have been looking at some of the places which I have yet to visit in the UK.

Here are a few places that have made my must visit list.


Brighton is one of the most vibrant, diverse places in the UK. A stunning seaside town that boosts of one of the most bizarre of all Royal palaces – The Brighton Pavilion. Created by George IV as a seaside pleasure palace, it resembles something you would find in India rather than on the South Coast of England.

You can get good deals on tickets for the Brighton Pavilion and it is well worth a visit just to see this unusual, Grade 1 listed palace and try to imagine our current Royal Family living there – something tells me this would’ve been more to Fergie’s taste than Meghan Markle’s.


One of the great things about discovering the English seaside is that it is also a voyage of discovery for fans of all things Art Deco. Morecambe is a key case in point. You can’t pay a visit to Morecambe without saying at least one night in the restored Midland Hotel. An Art Deco gem of the Streamline Moderne style that was built and was at its heyday in the 1930s, in recent years the Midland has been restored to its former glory and has glorious views over the sea.

Don a beaded flapper dress and imagine staying here in the time of The Great Gatsby.


If you love the idea that the English seaside town was at its height during VIctorian times, then Southport might be your perfect idea of the classic seaside town. Southport is a typical British seaside town, complete with grand seafront hotels and the Uk’s oldest iron pier. Amusement arcades, plenty of shops and traditional carousel rides all make it a wonderful place to visit if your favourite song is ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.’

Top Tips For Travelling To Mykonos

Many people dream of travelling to Mykonos, the Greek island that has some amazing views. Of course, like with any travel destination, there are some things that you should know before you jet off. Here, we are going to talk you through some of our top tips for travelling to Mykonos. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

Consider The Temperature

When you are booking your trip to Mykonos, it is important to consider the weather that you are going to have when you are there. The warmest months in Mykonos tend to be June, July, August and September so you have plenty of time to get some sun. Remember that Mykonos is an island so there is plenty of wind and it might be slightly colder in the evenings.

Stay In A Villa

If you are planning on travelling to Mykonos this summer, then make sure to choose a luxury villa for your accommodation. There are some great hotels on this island but when you choose Mykonos Villa Rental by BlueVillas, you’ll get to stay somewhere amazing. Not only will you get your own pool, but you’ll have a private space and plenty of amazing views. Don’t fall in to the trap of staying in a hotel, book your villa today.

Ask For Directions

The local people in Mykonos are known for being really friendly so if you need to get somewhere don’t be shy – ask for directions. It is very likely that the locals will know the place that you are looking for as it is a very small island so make sure to ask someone as most of them should be able to speak English. This will make your trip a lot easier and it will save you a lot of time staring at a map.

Make Dinner Reservations

When many people are off on their holidays, they don’t tend to make reservations as there are so many restaurants. Of course, Mykonos can get very busy over the peak season so if you don’t make a reservation, you might not get a table in that popular restaurant. Make sure to plan ahead and save yourself some time as these tables can get very hard to get.

Visit Delos Island

If you travel to Mykonos and don’t get a chance to visit Delos Island, then you will be missing out. This historic island has a lot to see in terms of architecture and views. You will need to get a boat to this island and if it is windy out you might find that the boats are delayed or cancelled. Make sure to plan ahead for your trip to Delos Island and bring your camera to capture the amazing sights.

Watch The Sunset

Mykonos has an absolutely amazing sunset just like the other Cyclades islands so make sure not to miss out on it. If you are unsure where to go to see the sunset then you should check out Little Venice, Saint John or Agios Stefanos which have amazing views. Make sure to find out what time the sunset is at because it can vary depending on the time of year that you are there.

Try Some Water Sports

Mykonos is a very windy island, so it makes sense that people take advantage of this and do a lot of water sports. If you are planning on heading to Mykonos this year, then you should make sure to try out windsurfing and the other activities offered along the beautiful beaches. You will have a great time and even if you don’t enjoy it, you can sit back, and watch others get out there on the water.

Try The Food

Our final tip for those who are travelling to Mykonos is to try the local food. You will find that there will be plenty of restaurants with food that you would typically find in the UK but there are also so many authentic Greek restaurants. If you have never tried Greek food before then you should expect to find a lot of amazing Greek salads some Mykonian sausages and some Kopanisti which is a famous cream cheese made in Mykonos.

Final Verdict

It is important to do your research before you go anywhere on holiday. You should know about the type of weather to expect; what sort of food is on offer and what are the best activities to do. Of course, if you are just planning on heading off on a relaxing holiday filled with sun then you will find that Mykonos is still ideal. This is a beautiful island with a lot to offer so make sure to book your trip to Mykonos in time for next summer.