Introducing Hire Jungle

Have you heard of Hire Jungle? If your answer was no, you soon will have, as Hire Jungle sets out to take us ‘back to basics’ in terms of advertising or finding any goods and services that we require. Whether you be a small business looking to advertise your services or wares, an individual with skills on offer, or if you are simply looking for a tradesman or product in your local area, Hire Jungle offers you the opportunity to buy and sell what you require at the click of a button.

Homepage from Hire Jungle

So, you may wonder, what has all this got to do with fashion and style? The answer to that is that Hire Jungle may well turn out to be your lifesaver in certain sartorial situations. There are just so many occasions when we may choose to hire a fashion product. Prom style dresses are often hired, rather than bought, as are many wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses and morning suits. Hire Jungle will allow you to find these products in your local area, either through shops and services, or even by giving you details of local tailors or dressmakers who are advertising their services.

Carisbrook Morning Suit, currently on hire from Moss Bros on Hire Jungle

A simple search engine allows you to browse using keywords. What I really like is that your search will be accompanied by listings for other relevant or complimentary products and services, so if you are searching for a wedding dress, you may well see ads for wedding cars, or great wedding venues. And as you can keep your search to your geographical area, you are not wasting time scrolling through page after page of unsuitable listings.

But Hire Jungle is not just a great idea for those wishing to hire something. Maybe you are a freelance hair stylist, or a manicurist,if you are offering a service you could use Hire Jungle to place a free ad. Registration is simple and quick, and Hire Jungle offers lots of hints and tips to make your transactions take place as smoothly as possible.

I think this is a great new service, one which can be of benefit on so many levels. Why not try Hire Jungle for free today.


For a tasty treat try ‘Just Eat’


As a busy mom, trying to juggle work, home and family, I have to admit that sometimes the very last thing I want to do at the end of a day is cook. And on those occasions, the easiest, and, let’s be honest, the tastiest option is to opt for a take-away of some variety. With all this in mind, the opportunity to trial the service provided by Just Eat was just too good to be true.

Just Eat is an online takeaway order service. You set up an account very simply with just a few details, and then using your postcode, you can access all the takeaways in your area. You then place your order from the online menu, paying using a credit or debit card, and the takeaway is then delivered to your door.  Simples!

I used this service on Saturday night and have to say I am a total convert. For a start, the choice I found of takeaways that served my area really surprised me. As well as the usual Chinese and Indian restaurants, there was also the choice of Iranian, American and Thai. My favourite Chinese takeaway, Hao Eat, was also on the list so we opted to order from there, but if you do want to choose something new and different, you can read lots of reviews of the food and service before making your choice. You also get an approximate delivery time.

Making an order is really easy as the whole menu is online, organised in the same way as a printed menu would be, which saves you having to hunt around for the paper version.  A running total shows how much you are spending, again useful if you have a set budget. You only wait an approximate 90seconds for confirmation, and then you simply need to wait for your food to be delivered.

Mr Mozzarella, the leader of the Just Eat chefs

Everything about this service was good. Food was delivered promptly, the order was correct, and the food was piping hot and delicious. I loved the confirmation email that thanked me for not cooking, and the fact that I wasn’t standing on the doorstep for ages as money changed hands. Just Eat is a great idea, and one which I will definitely be using again.

Blog Takeover – Fashion Mr Speaks

When I was offered the opportunity to take over Emma’s blog, I was a little bit skeptical. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like my clothes as much as anyone else, but writing about them? That was something outside my remit. But then Em explained that this was a special project looking to test out whether lucky charms really do work, and that I would be given some lucky charms (cereal as it turned out), as well as a few other gifts, such as cufflinks and DVDs to test out.

Now, I don’t mind admitting that I am slightly superstitious. I always salute magpies (I for sorrow and all that) and as a builder, I certainly never walk under ladders. I also remember strange things like not walking over three drains from when I was a child, but I can’t say I’ve ever really had a lucky charm or mascot.

So I was fully prepared to give this a try. Could an object really bring luck? The parcel arrived and contained socks adorned with a series of lucky charms, from horseshoes to a Shamrock. There was a box of Lucky Charms cereal, a copy of the Jim Sturgess film 21, about a group of students who tried to break the Las Vegas casinos through card counting, the Book ‘Luck’ by Ed Smith, and a pair of really nice Magpie cufflinks – that bird again.

The first bit of real ‘luck’ occurred with the cereals. My little boy is terrible at eating breakfast, and yet he was eager to try the Lucky Charms. I was quite flabbergasted that he totally loved them, and has eaten them every morning since. This is a great stroke of luck because we would never have considered buying these – always trying to tempt him with a chocolate variety, so if we hadn’t been part of this project we would never have found out that there was a cereal that offered a stress free breakfast!

I was actually going away for a special darts weekend so thought I would extend the project by having a little bet. Wearing my lucky socks I placed a bet on Michael Van Gerwin, to win at 5/1 odds. It wasn’t a massive gamble, he was second favourite, so a solid bet.

My socks bought him (and me) luck at first,  but then he was knocked out by The Hammer, Andy Hamilton on day 2 and so he never made it all the way to the final.  The luck had run out. Maybe it was because I’d left the socks off and had instead put those cufflinks in my pocket. Van Gerwin was beaten by Andy Hamilton and so I lost my bet. Was it because I’d left my lucky socks off? Maybe. Or maybe The Hammer’s fans had luckier charms on the night.

So what are my thoughts on Luck now? Well, you win some, you lose some, and no amount of lucky charms are going to change that. But we have added those cereals to our weekly shopping list…