5 Reasons To Love Sheer And Silk Lingerie

There are a hundred and one kinds of women’s underwear out there on the market. This is to account for different people who have different tastes and want underwear that is comfortable, or seductive, or even a bit of both..

Some may choose the types they prefer due to the best color, the material with which they are made, the price, or maybe they prefer it due to how it appears once they give a trial fit.

There are a million reasons as to why you should choose silk lingerie as your undies of choice/ It may it be that you are buying it for your partner or maybe you need to experience the luxurious softness and beauty that all women talk of.

There is quite a range of colorful and classy nightwear out there. However, once it involves Silk underclothes, an expensive feeling against the skin and classic silhouettes are what sets it aside from alternative varieties.

Therefore here are the five good reasons as to why you should love a sheer and silk lingerie.

  1. It is an all-season fabric

Silk is an all-time sleepwear fabric, you don’t have to worry about how to change or wear different inner silk lingerie during different seasons. The fabric is known to be warm during winter seasons and comfortably cool during summers when environmental temperature are high.

Silk lingerie highly outdoes other fabrics clothes when it comes to seasons. Furthermore, they are very sleek and sheer in such a way that they are not bulky at all, thus the comfort of them is irresistible.

  1. Available in multiple designs

Different woman prefers in different clothes at different times, chemises, robes, gowns or any other style, all can be popular. Perhaps they want something that drapes off the body during summer or a more fitted garment during winter.

Ladies may want to choose their silk lingerie based on occasion, such as an anniversary, honeymoon, or intimate moments with their partner. They should choose something that they feel comfortable and confident in.

All you need to do is choose that what pleases you.

  1. Silk is Hypoallergenic

Being hypoallergenic is one factor as to why you should choose silk lingerie. Safe and smooth for the skin!

Furthermore, it requires less or no treatment with chemicals like other sleepwear do to achieve the luxurious look and smooth feeling factor. For the few whose skin is very sensitive, you have all the reasons to love silk lingerie since it won’t be irritating on the skin.

  1. Silk is Durable

Silk lingerie is known for its durable longevity for years. This is because silk fibers are among the few strongest natural textile fibers in the world, commonly known to be made from high-quality silk fibers.

Some of us get lucky to find that single piece that we may have been looking for ages. You’ll never have to worry about frequent wear and tear with silk lingerie.

Therefore, due to its durable nature, you’ll have your silk in your closet forever.

  1. Silk Shimmers and Shines

You’ll feel so good glowing in your outfit like a queen. Wearing silk makes you feel special and appreciated. Silk has a natural luster that makes you shimmer and shine.

This helps you to feel confident and you’ll fall in love with your silk day and night. There is no better feeling than to be comfortable in what you wear.

Choosing The Right Bra

No matter how amazing your clothing choices are, to look good you need the right foundations, and this means your underwear. Most women are aware that choosing pants with a non visible panty line can make all the difference to the look of an outfit, particularly if it is form fitting look. But the wrong bra can be equally perilous when it comes to looking your best, with women choosing the wrong style, the wrong shape, and even the wrong size.

Here are a few tips that you should consider when choosing your bra.

Is it the right size?

So many women wear the wrong sized bra due to not having a regular bra fitting. Yet many bra companies will do bra fitting for free, with most fittings no longer requiring the old fashioned tape measure method when it comes to sizing. A bra fitting is essential if you have had a child, have lost or gained weight, or if your bra is just feeling loose or tight.

To wire or not to wire?

The type of support you need from your bra depends on the size of your bust. Smaller busts may be able to get away with wearing a softer bra without underwiring. Larger busts may need the support and scaffolding that underwired bras offer.  These days underwired bras are as pretty and elegant as their non wired sisters, companies like David Nieper have glamorous underwired bras that come in a range of colours and fabrics.

70438ccb88ff827f2e00c05c85a6323e--stretch-lace-david.jpg (650×875)

What style of bra do you need?

Is there anything worse than unsightly bra straps ruining an outfit? Two bra straps either side of a halter neckline? A bra fastening looking totally out of place with a backless dress? A multi ways bra should address all these issues, and allow you to get the support you need for your look to be flawless. Even if your look is one that doesn’t allow for a traditional style bra, there are now stick on styles that give you coverage and support from the front so that you avoid having nipples showing through your dress, especially important for formal occasions, or if you are a wedding guest.


A no brainer really. Make sure you are wearing the right colour bra for your outfit. Unless you are aiming to be edgy and make a statement, a white dress needs a white bra. If you are wearing black, you need a black bra, particularly if you are having photographs taken – flash photography can often reveal what you are wearing underneath your outfit.

9272-main-20170222-095224-58ad5f583fb07.jpg (960×1292)

Reviewed – Magic Bodyfashion Amazing Bra

As a fairly big busted lady, I can hold my hand on my heart and say I never go without a bra. I have an array of multiways bra’s that allow me to go strapless, wear halter necks and basically cope with anything that fashion happens to throw at me. But just occasionally I meet a dress for whom no bra would work, due to a completely backless nature. Yes, I could opt for a strapless bra, but this would be clearly visable from the back. I could try an halter neck style, but again, the back fastening would be obvious, and would spoil the dress. This is a dilemma I have faced with a dress that I had planned to wear for my brother’s wedding in Cyprus next month, but thankfully I have found a product that is just the answer I needed to my problem.

The Magic Bodyfashion Amazing Bra is backless, strapless and invisible. In short, it is a bra that you could wear with any top or dress, regardless of how much flesh you happen to have on show. The website describes precisely how it works:-

“A patented ‘Bra gel’ process ensures the AMAZING BRA stays in position perfectly and is invisible beneath clothing. The Silicone Cups are front-fastening to give a push-up effect; the cups give volume to the breasts. No shoulder or back straps.”

This would so easily, you literally stick it on to your boobs and then use the front clasp to give you a push up effect. It is not uncomfortable to wear, you simply forget you are wearing it, and the padded gel effect is not only comfortable, but stops the appearance of erect nipples spoiling the look of your dress. It comes in five sizes, from A to E, which starts at about a 32A and goes right up to a 38E.

Amazing Bra Backless, strapless and invisible £42.50 Click to visit Magic Bodyfashion

For my brother’s upcoming wedding I have chosen a dress that has beautiful back detail. I won’t go strapless so this is a perfect option for me. If you ignore the creases of my dress (I had taken it out of the bag just minutes before) and just look at the top, you can see I am offered some support so the dress doesn’t sag, but this also allows the back to go unsullied by straps and fastenings that would simply spoil the look.



I will feel so much better wearing this dress knowing I have hidden support from the ‘Amazing Bra’. No I just need to sort the creases and my accessories (still turn between gold and silver shoes – thoughts?) and I’ll be all set to watch a trip down the aisle.