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    The Best Looking Vape Mods And Their Benefits

    Vaping is becoming a widespread activity each day with different types of e-cigarettes such as vape mods being created. A vape mod simply refers to a device that has various features such as a variable voltage, large battery, and higher wattage.  The best looking vape mods are quite different from other e-cigarette devices. For example, they are not as easily portable, but they are powerful, customizable, and classic in appearance. To learn more about upcoming vape mods, here is an introduction to the best looking vape mods and their benefits.  Top 5 Best Looking Vape Mods Are you still wondering what are some good vape mods? Then, you are in…

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    Are There Advantages of Smoking V Vaping?

    Smoking cigarettes is a nasty habit, which many people try to quit every day using vapes and e-cigarettes. But are there any advantages to smoking in the traditional way, are there still reasons, other than just habit, that would cause people to choose a cigarette over the e-kind? Here are some of the arguments used by the smoking lobby. Availability You never have to look for a particular store to find your favorite smoke.  With almost every store selling cigarettes, you are assured to get a fresh supply of the same whenever you like. Vapes, on the other hand, aren’t available in all stores. Until smoking kills you, you will…

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    The Latest News in Vaping

    As we move further and further away from traditional tobacco and cigarettes, and more and more smokers turn to vaping, it becomes inevitable that we will see new formulations, trends and products emerging, whether it be in terms of the Vapour E Cigarette itself, or in terms of the liquids that create the vapour. We have an insatiable need for new products, and vaping is no different from other pastimes or interests. With vaping proving to be a much more affordable option for those who chose to smoke, and with a scent that does not leave clothes and houses smelling like an old ashtray, vaping is becoming the only option…