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    Take Your Career That Next Step With An Immersive Internship

    Do you remember when you were a child, and someone asked what you wanted to do when you were grown up? We always had a wide range of answers, some sensible, some weird and wonderful, the World was truly our oyster, and we never thought for one minute that we wouldn’t be able to achieve all that we wished for. But as we get older, we release finding the dream job is really not that simple, and that we could face many obstacles along the way. One of the main obstacles is experience. When you look at job applications, many of them have pre-requisites that include the dreaded ‘experience’. But…

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    Create A Logo – Create a Presence

    In the times in which we live, image and branding are everything. If you have a product to sell, or a company or brand to promote, you need to make sure that you have a logo that helps you to establish just who you are and what you are offering to the big wide world. Think about all the major companies and well known brands that are a market force today – Starbucks, Rolls Royce, Mcdonalds, Versace, Apple, Ralph Lauren Polo, all these brands have an instantly recognisable logo. You don’t need to see the name of the brand, or even any other wording, you know exactly who they are…

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    Finding A New Job – A Few Hints And Tips

    Covid 19 has left many people searching for a new job, and whilst this can be a scary, uncertain time, there are things you can do that can improve your chances in the employment market. You may find that the loss of one job can lead to you doing something that you have always wanted to do, retraining for a new career, taking the chance to do something different. One door may be closing, but another could just be opening up. If you are looking for employment, here are a few hints and tips that could make the search a little easier. Use the Internet There are many things you…