The Benefits Of A Website For Your Small Business

So you have started up your own small business, and things are going well. You have established your niche, are slowly building up a loyal clientele, and you are beginning to achieve the targets you set out with. The only thing is, that this is all a little slower than you would have wanted and you are looking for ways to speed up the process, and get your name and brand out there. A question would be – do you have a website?

Why A Website?

A Facebook page for your business is great, but it cannot reach the numbers that a good quality website can. Getting your brand out there on the national, European or even worldwide stage is all about getting it seen and making it accessible to the masses. A website does this, giving you a web presence that can be accessed from just about anywhere, with the potential to reach thousands of new customers and clients.

But I Wouldn’t Know Where To Start.

If you think that a website would be a great idea for your start up,consider quality website builders. If that is not an option for you, there are companies out there who will create a bespoke website that totally meets your needs and that of your business, creating a design that reflects the aims of your brand. Silky Ocean Studio is one such company that has created a wide and diverse range of sites for both businesses and individuals including hair salons, actors and building services. They can then also maintain and update your website each month, leaving you with one less job to do. Click here to find out more about their services. Another great option are pay monthly websites that are designed for you and you then pay monthly, almost like an online rent.

Mobile Friendly

These days it is all about the phone, and most websites can also easily be converted to an app that can be downloaded and used anytime, anyplace and anywhere. Even the most basic of sites can be made mobile friendly with the addition of a plugin, and this can mean that those who live for their technology can have your brand at the tip of their fingers.

Advantages Of Having A Website

You may just have a small shop or office where you run your business from, but having a website means that your business does not have to run 9-5 hours. It can be accessible 24 hours a day, welcoming new and potential customers all the time.

Your site can also say a lot about your business and can be used to promote your brand in other ways, for instance, a blog is a great way to introduce new product lines when they are in the production stages. You can also allow customers to add reviews and testimonials, and can encourage them to leave them online in order to improve your standing on Trustpilot and Google.

Finally, if your brand begins to spread its wings and grow, you can offer your services online. This can be through an online shop, or by offering online quotes for your services.

The Online world is right now, and the future. If you are not harnessing its potential, you could be seriously stunting your business growth.


Tips For Effective Employer Branding Strategies

When you start working on your employer branding strategy, first you have to think about your own needs. Are there certain areas where you need a boost? Do you feel your current workers are not giving you their best? How do you plan to attract the best talent to your company? 

Good employer branding strategy can help you recruit, retain, and motivate people. Companies with a positive image find it easier to get skilled staff. Also, they have a higher percentage of employee retention. By being a desirable employer, you can even offer lower wages than competitors. But you must work on a better organizational climate, which people much appreciate.

Listen to Employees

The first step is to identify what differs your company from the competition. That requires digging deep and reviewing how you do things differently. Are you more attentive to the needs of people working for you? What can you do to give them a voice?

You must understand the importance of listening to your employees, which is key to a great employer branding strategy. When people feel important, they are much more productive, and they are happier at work. You won’t have to worry about what they are thinking or saying behind your back. 

By listening to people, you will better understand what they need and what they want. You can tailor your actions to address those needs and turn your employees into your best ambassadors. That can be quite handy, especially when hiring new people.

Show Appreciation

You can schedule some appreciation events at work to show some gratitude to people contributing to your success. On this source, find out why recognition matters. Have employees speak about their jobs, or make videos to give them a visual explanation of their role at your company. 

Provide people with informative content that they can relate to. They will align themselves with your mission and goals. Appreciate their work on self-improvement. That’s beneficial for both you, too, as their new skills will increase job satisfaction and raise the overall performance.

Finally, you should have a formal employee appreciation program. You may choose to award an employee with a gift, vacation time off, or some other type of recognition that reflects the importance of people in your company. It’s a good way to show workers how much you appreciate them and their performance. It can also help to build loyalty among your ranks.

Use Social Media to Your Favour

One strategy that you should use to get your employees to participate more actively in your company is to use social media. You have the chance to reach out directly to your staff, interact with them, and show how you value their opinion. 

Your employees may have personal pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter that they regularly update. That’s a great way to connect with them, build relationships, and learn what is going on within the company. These platforms allow you to follow your employees as they develop professionally. 

For example, if an employee has recently succeeded at an event you were involved in, you can use social media to share that achievement. People use these platform to seek jobs and gather information employers. Content like this one is a great plus to your reputation, as it shows that you’re proud of your staff and their success.

Access Talent Pool

Another way social media can help you is by giving you access to a vast job seeker market. Use them as a part of your recruitment and hiring efforts. These platforms are real gold for finding talents you need to reinforce your human resources.

If you post a hiring ad on social media and include a link to your website, you can see which jobs can be best suited for different applicants. Take the opportunity to attract quality staff with a good presentation of your company, but also to see the relationship of current employees with you.

Check the following page to find out the importance of good organization climate for your business: 

If your company doesn’t have a good reputation, everything will be much harder. You’ll have to pay new employees above market value to agree to work for you, and you’ll have a hard time keeping good workers. Investing in a good employer branding strategy will boost your market position and make you desirable for job seekers.



A career in childcare with The Co-operative Childcare

On Friday I spent an interesting morning as the guest of The Co-Operative Childcare at their Wellington Road nursery.  The idea was to get a feel for how the nursery operated, and to find out about the role of the nursery manager and practitioners, and just how diverse, interesting and ultimately rewarding this  career path can be. This post is full of information about The Co-operative Childcare, and why a career with children is well worth consideration.

If you are interested in a career working with children, whether it be in teaching, play work or in a nursery setting, you can find more information about the qualifications you may need by contacting UCAS. Ring the ucas phone number to find out about relevant courses and qualifications. If you are looking for childcare or to expand your staff, you could check out My Kiddy Sitter for Nursery Staff London.


Davina Bailey is the nursery manager, and the lady who looked after me during my visit. She started my session by giving me a little bit of background about the Wellington Road Establishment, which was rated as ‘Outstanding’ at its last Ofsted inspection.

There has been a nursery in the current site since 1990, with the current building dating from 2008, when it was rebuilt along the lines of Italian nurseries, with rooms leading off from a central courtyard area. It became part of the Mid Counties Co-operative childcare offering in 2012 and is now full to capacity virtually all year around.

Picture © Daniel Graves Photography. 2013. SHOWS:

The staff in the setting are very well trained, with 50% of the team qualified to degree level or above. Others are currently in training and it is clear that staff are committed to further self-improvement and development.

The Unit has children from 0-5 years and works hard on promoting and developing readiness for school, for both the children and the parents.  The staff work hard to engage parental involvement, and relationships are superb between staff and parents, with a Customer loyalty index survey conducted by an outside agency recently giving a 95% positive rating.

Picture © Daniel Graves Photography. 2013. SHOWS:

Day to Day

It is obvious from spending some time in the nursery talking with Davina that each day is very different. Different children come to the setting on different days and can be there for one day per week, or five days per week. The range of children goes from babes in arms who require everything from feeding to nurturing and nursing, to children who are independent and able to make their own decisions on activities and their environment (which they do through a pre-school council.)

The environment is bright and stimulating, with a fabulous woodland classroom area that the children adore, and other areas which showed how children’s ideas had been utilised – i.e.  a construction area where children had asked for cement, and there were now resources where they could create their own. The outdoor space was a child’s dream, with lots of  intersting areas including a mini pond, mini beast homes and role play areas.

Picture © Daniel Graves Photography. 2013. SHOWS:

The nursery operates an open door policy, and while I was there parents dropped in, one spending some time with their child who is due to transfer from the baby room to the 2/3s room. It is clear that everyone is committed to making these sorts of transitions stress free for the children and parents.

So why choose a career in childcare?

We know that practitioners have an important role that also brings paperwork and long hours with it, but there really are so many reasons and rewards for choosing a career in childcare. For a start, it is just so rewarding. As Davina explained, you see how children grow and develop as little people, the steps they take and how they progress, and you know that you are responsible for that development, you can see how you’ve moved them forward.

Davina talked about the moments when you suddenly engage a child, create an interest in something that becomes clear through their joy, excitement and the expression on their face.  This can be as exciting for the practitioner as it can for the child.

Some children are in the setting for a long time, Davina explained it is almost like taking them as a seed and then watching them grow, you feel that you send them out into the world ready for anything.

There are also some great career prospects to consider. As a part of the Co-operative there are other nurseries you can move to, or other careers within a company that also works in food, travel, funerals and energy amongst many other areas. Within childcare itself, there are lots of roles and opportunities to progress, from room managers, deputies and specialist practitioners. Davina also praised the opportunities for training – from Special Educational needs training, to qualifications in forest schooling and specific training for 2 year olds. Clearly childcare is a career where there is never any need to stand still, unless that is just what you want to do.

I had a lovely morning at Wellington Road, with a staff who are warm and welcoming, and children who are clearly very happy and secure in a setting that offers stimulation as well as quality care.


If you are interested in learning more about a career in childcare with The Co-operative childcare, click here.