Chanel Coco Rouge shine makeovers in Selfridges.

To celebrate the launch of the new Chanel Coco Rouge Shine lip colours, Selfridges, Birmingham offered special makeovers to all customers, carried out bya very special range of Chanel make-up artists.

Fashion-Mommy and sister were lucky enough last week to experience one of these make-overs, being transformed through the wonderful work of Dawn and Jenny. Both are veteran Chanel mak-up artists, Dawn  has worked on numerous Chanel Catwalk shows in Paris as well as creating the beautiful looks for Audrey Tattou in ‘Coco before Chanel’. Jenny has worked for Chanel for eighteen months in Cavendish House in Cheltenham, and is set to visit Malaysia in August as part of her work for Chanel, so we were truly in expert hands.

I told Jenny I wanted a smoky eyed look that smouldered without looking like I’d slept with my make-up on, Jenny recommended the best-selling Vitalumiere foundation for a dewy skin, with lashings of  Chanel mascara intense to create the long lashed look I was longing for.

Jodie wanted a 1950s film star look with pussycat style eyeliner similar to that worn by Fern Cotton. This was achieved with liquid eyeliner that can be difficult to apply but looks Oh so sexy. Dawn regaled Jodie with stories about working for Chanel, which frankly sounds like a dream job to me, with beautiful models, movie stars and Karl Lagerfeld all part of a days work.


Jodie is beautified by Dawn


Dawn and Jenny had some fantastic make-up tips to pass on to readers. Here are a few bits of advice from the experts;-

  • When applying eyeliner to your top lid – tilt your head back, then start the line in the middle of your lid.
  • Never try to do one a lid line in one stroke, needs to be gradually built up to create that expert look.
  • When applying lip liner choose a neutral shade that is similar to your lip tone – this will go with any lip colour. (I used Tulip by Chanel).
  • NEVER match your lip liner to your lipstick. Lipstick often fades quicker than lip liner and you will be left with a line around your lips that resembles Jack Nicholson as the Joker!


The Chanel Rouge shine event has proved to be another big success for Selfridges Birmingham. The sessions for Saturday were totally booked up with the promise of a photobooth session proving to be a big draw. Jenny told me that similar events had been very popular with customers, leading to a wonderful busy atmosphere of fun.


Finished look




Coco Rouge Shine is available from Selfridges stores nationwide.

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