Charity Shop And Vintage Finds

The reopening of non essential shops last week meant that charity shops have reopened. My mom is the manager of a charity shop, and has said that they have been super busy since the reopening, maybe due to the fact that, other than buying from sites like eBay and Vinted, the joy of charity shop shopping is something that can’t be replicated online. To put it bluntly, this is something that really needs to be done in person, with lots of Instagram feeds dedicated to shopping preloved to attest for this fact.

I used the excuse of a beautifully warm day last week to venture out once again to Bloxwich to see what the Charity shops had to offer. Bloxwich has five charity shops, one of which has not yet reopened, and there were some rich pickings to be found. Shops are operating a restricted customer policy, so you may have to wait to enter, but on a beautifully warm day, this didn’t seem to be a problem, and most shops were in the midst of a sale to clear Winter items, and also had some lovely pieces for Spring/Summer.

There are some selected things that I am currently looking for when I visit charity shops. I love vintage jewellery, particularly pearls and gold tone pieces, I am also obsessed with brooches, seeming to be on a one woman mission to bring the brooch back. I look for Agatha Christie books of any kind, both hardback and paperback (both are like gold dust to be honest), and I also love vintage finds, particularly 70’s and 80’s skirts and summer dresses that I remember my nan wearing.

The images in this post are some of the finds that I was able to find (and in some cases buy) last week. Look out for more Charity shop finds in new posts, and on my instagram stories as I often feature them there.


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