Charity Shop, Vinted And Vintage Buys 2022 Update

I always love Charity and thrift shop shopping at the beginning of a new year. So many people have an early Spring clean sort out when they are putting their Christmas gifts away that the shops are full of rich pickings. In addition, sites like Vinted and eBay are full of unwanted Christmas presents that you can get for a bargain price, so it is worth setting up saved searches if you are looking for something in particular as there is every chance you will find one on a preloved site.

I have been enjoying my charity shop shopping the last couple of months as I have made it a plan to head out to different towns, so, as well as my usual hunting grounds of Bloxwich, Walsall and Wednesbury, I’ve also headed to Stafford, Rugeley, Coventry and Wolverhampton in search of bargains, and have done pretty well with my finds, a lot of which I have documented below.

If you are new to charity shops or Vinted/Vintage shopping, I have a few tips for you.

  • Don’t be afraid to have a rummage, or to take a chance on something that may need a wash.
  • Ignore size labels on vintage things, the sizing is often off when compared to modern day sizing, so try it on if you like it.
  • Remember that things can be altered or repaired, so if you’re in love with it, but it’s not quite perfect, with little cost it could soon be.
  • Use the bargainous prices as a way to come out of your comfort zone – you may not want to try something new for you at £40, but surely you can take a chance for £4.

Remember, you are saving lovely things from landfill, contributing to a charity and are avoiding fast fashion – what’s not to love?

Clothing finds

Dress M&S Vinted (still had tags)
River Island Blouse £6
M&S Blouse £3.99
Vintage jacket £4.99
Another M&S Vinted dress that still had tags £4.50
Ralph Lauren dress £9.99

Joanie dress £8 Vintage store Esther’s Wardrobe
River Island Blouse £4.50 Severn Hospice shop
M&S blouse £3 and vintage beads £3 Acorns
Vintage 1970s blouse BHF £3.99 French Sole shoes £6 Vinted
Betty Jackson Black skirt £4.99 Acorns Wednesbury


Sarah Coventry brooch £6 eBay Butler and Wilson brooch £3 Vinted
Faux Chanel earrings £4 Vinted
Pierre Cardin 1980s set £10 eBay

Shoes and Bags

Superdry trainers £5 PDSA
Vintage bag £6 BHF
Stan Smiths £8 Vinted
Miss KG espadrilles £6.50 Independent charity shop in Rugeley

Books and Miscellany

Nail polishes 50p Each!!! BHF
Books £1 each The Children’s Society

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