Charity Tuesday: Find Your Holiday Wardrobe In A Charity Shop

It is officially holiday season, and that brings the excitement of putting together your holiday wardrobe. But with money being tighter than ever, the likelihood is that disposable income is hard to come by, especially if you also now need to find funds for travel insurance, spending money and airport transfers. With this in mind, and with today being Charity Tuesday, I wondered, could you actually put together a decent holiday wardrobe using charity shops?

The answer is yes. Absolutely.

Charity shops are a good source of good quality fashion items and accessories. Most items found in charity shops are in good condition and have usually been steam cleaned before they hit the shelves. You can find pretty much anything and everything, from sundresses to shorts, swimsuits to beach bags, and all those pretty summer accessories. Scarves can make great sarongs and can then double as an evening throw if the weather turns cooler, cheap vintage beads are perfect accessories and you won’t worry too much if you lose them whilst you’re away. Charity shops have all these things, and you won’t run the risk of seeing everyone else wearing the same outfit around the pool bar.

Some of my charity shop holiday finds

Vintage dress £4.99 Acorns Walsall
1970s vintage dress £8 Welsh Hospice Shop
Dress £5.99 Acorns Bloxwich

The beauty of shopping in Charity shops is that you are not only giving money to a good cause, you are also avoiding the fast fashion issues that are creating more landfill issues. You can find really good quality branded and designer names, or vintage pieces, within your budget, and if it is something you don’t really wear much outside of holidays, you can always donate it back once your holiday is finished. An example of this is that I never wear shorts other than on my holidays, so I got a white pair from the British Heart Foundation for £2.50, rather than paying more expensive for something I won’t really wear again.

My recent finds

Italian made dress Acorns Wednesbury
Acorns Wednesbury
1970s Vintage M&S St Michael Label Acorns Wednesbury
Top M&S £4.99 Shorts Bon Marche £2.50 British Heart Foundation
Top New Look £3.99 Shorts as before British Heart Foundation
Bracelets Cancer Research
Top Dorothy Perkins £3, Skirt Vintage £2.50 both Compton Hospice

If you have a holiday coming up, and need a little style injection in your wardrobe, I would definitely recommend you visit your local charity shops.

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