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Chi Kitchen have a new Christmas Menu

Chi Kitchen has revealed a very special festive menu that has all the elements of your traditional Christmas choices, but delivers them with a Pan Asian twist. I was lucky enough to be invited along to my local branch which is situated in Debenhams in Birmingham’s Bullring, and have to say that this is a truly delicious experience.





The Chi Kitchen menu is priced at £21.95 for three courses, and also comes with a complimentary (and delicious) mixed Berry Bellini. This was crisp and tasty, and the non-alcoholic version with an apple juice base was also very tasty.


The starters comprise of a turkey option in the form of Turkey Spring Rolls, a fish option with deep fried Chilli Prawns, and a vegetarian option sweet potato chips with mixed berry mayonnaise.  The Turkey Spring rolls were an unusual flavour, the batter was beautifully crisp but I felt the Turkey needed some sort of seasoning to add to the flavour. In contrast, the Chilli Prawns were delicious, the prawns had been marinated in garlic but also had a sage flavour that made them taste very Christmassy. I loved these and would definitely order them again. The Sweet potato chips were also delicious, I have really grown to love sweet potato, and when the tempura style batter is added, you have a really tasty dish.




There is a main dish to match each starter, a fish course, a Turkey dish and a vegetarian curry. The fish was Salmon, a fish I don’t usually like, but the Salmon Teriyaki, with its deep Soy flavouring was just beautiful. The Turkey was equally good, grilled and sliced in a Kalamansi source that gave it a deep, smoky taste. Surprisingly, my favourite dish was the vegetable Nyona Curry which was packed with green beans, broccoli and potatoes. This is a Malaysian curry sauce, one which actually reminded me of Katsu curry. It was a real street food style dish, nourishing and comforting, perfect for a cold Christmas day.




The Christmas menu offers two choices of side dishes – salt and pepper chips and egg fried rice. I would suggest that if you sample this menu with a partner, order one of each and enjoy.


No Christmas menu would be complete without dessert. As someone who hates Christmas pudding, yule logs and mince pies, I have to say I found the Chi Kitchen dessert far more appealing. The Apple Gyoza was full of soft, sweet apple cooked in a batter that was just like churros, served with clotted cream ice cream this was a real treat – my hubby is not a fan of dessert but totally loved this. The walnut and chocolate brownie was just so gooey and chewy, and again, that ice cream was a total winner.



With wonderful, friendly service, delicious dishes, and a real twist on Christmas, I would well recommend you try out this menu before it ends on Boxing Day.

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