Children’s Fashion Trends For Spring

These days, fashion is not just the preserve of adults, our children, even the youngest of them, have plenty to say when it comes to their clothes. Whether it be colours they like and don’t like (my 6 year old niece steadfastly refuses to wear pink or anything too girly|), styles or brands, our kids certainly know their own minds when it comes to any clothing that is not a school uniform.

Kimidog, one of the leading names in gorgeous wholesale kids clothing, have some brilliant pieces that showcase all the current kids trends. The Kimidog team really know their stuff and are passionate about wholesale children’s clothing, exporting kid’s clothing to 62 countries and regions, which means they sell kid’s clothing to the whole world.

I have been looking through some of their current ranges and have picked out some of my key picks for Spring and Summer.

Dresses with Voile

Dresses with voile edging and overlays are a great style for Summer. They combine the prettiness of a summer party dress, but are also far more practical for play with a stretchy cotton base. These dresses are cool and light, and will work equally for a special occasion, or just for playing in the garden.

The colour yellow

Yellow is the perfect colour for Spring and Summer, and is also a brilliant unisex colour, working well for both boys and girls. Yellow is such a vibrant, happy shade and works for dresses like the one above, for t-shirts, rainmacs, literally everything.

This dinosaur t-shirt is super cute and would look great with shorts on sunny days.

Soft and Comfy Leisurewear

Kids are never happier than when they are wearing soft and comfy clothes that are perfect for rough and tumble. Jogging suits in softest brushed cotton are perfect for cooler days when they still insist on playing outside but the sun is not so bright. Combining the jacket with a t-shirt means they have sensible layers that can be stripped off as they, or the day, gets hotter.

Split Colour Leggings

Leggings are a brilliant item to have in a child’s wardrobe, as they allow you to get much more wear out of dresses and skirts by layering them up on cooler days. They can also be worn with tunic style tops, t-shirts and jumpers to make completely different outfits. I love these split colour ones, that give you the chance to mix and match the colours you wear with them.

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