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One of the real pleasures we can still enjoy in our current, troubling times is reading. Losing yourself in a book can help you to relax, to unwind and to forget, and the same is also true for our children. Not only is reading a life skill that they need, but there is also a real enjoyment factor that should never be forgotten. Reading can also be a brilliant bonding experience for parents and children, whether it be reading together, or enjoying a bedtime story.

Books2Door offer reading books, stories and non fiction for children. Their range of books cover a wide range of genres and are suitable for all ages, with board books for babies, right up to readers for those in their teens. The beauty of Books2Door is the heavily discounted prices they offer, especially for book collections, which are much cheaper than the recommended retail prices.

All the most popular children’s authors are available, from Julia Donaldson for the very young, to Anthony Horowitz, Roald Dahl and David Walliams for the independent readers. There are individual books if you are looking for something specific, to the collections if you are looking to complete a series, or to dive right in with a new author you may not have read before. In our current times, when we have limitless time for reading, these collections offer great value and hours of escapist entertainment.

We have been looking at the range of books and love that they have something suitable for all ages.

For my nephew Freddie, who has just gone one, we loved A Case of Good Manners which was precisely that, a lovely board suitcase full of little board books all about manners. The books were perfect for tiny hands to open and look at, and the books were bright and colourful, and are also safe and durable, great as they get put in mouths and thrown around rather a lot.

For my niece Renee, who is 6 and feisty with it, I chose Fantastically Great Women by Kate Pankhurst which are just full of awe inspiring great role models for a curious young mind, including scientists, suffragettes and the first woman in space. These are fascinating, but also make learning fun.

My son Joe is obsessed with football and tales that are linked to the sport, so.  the Football Academy pack of stories is not only brilliant value, but will also ensure hours of reading fun. You get six paperback football based novels for £15.99, and these are great for independent reading or for a shared experience at bedtime. 





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