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Choosing A Removal Firm – Things To Consider

So you’ve finally sold your home and your dream move is now on. Lots of emotions go through your mind, excitement, apprehension, and just a little bit of worry. Why worry? Worry because you now realise you have to pack up your whole life, and transfer it somewhere else. And frankly, with all the stuff you have accumulated over the years, where do you even begin?

If you’re smart, you get a removals company in to do it for you. Sorting your things yourself can not only be time consuming, particularly if you have children, or work full time, but you can also be distracted, as all those things you have collected over the years is again brought to your attention, bringing all those conversations about ‘do you remember  when we got this?’ Fun, yes, but not when everything has to be packed away. You need to be ruthless, to sort and chuck that clutter, and then let the professionals deal with your furniture and all those boxes.

A company like Parnaby Removals and Storage could be the answer to all your problems. Not only will they package all your furniture up at your current home, they will then deliver it and unpackage it in your new home, and then dispose of all your excess packaging too, ensuring your dustbins are not filled the minute you move in.

If you have to be out of your property before you get the keys to the new one, you may also need a storage facility. A good removals company may well have this as part of their service, and will be able to safely store your furniture for a week or two if need be, leaving you with the piece of mind that your things are safe.

When you are choosing a removals company, make sure you read all the reviews and testimonials to check out their service. Word of mouth and positive reviews are a good indicator that you, and your belongings, are in safe hands, exactly where you want to be at such an exciting, but ultimately busy and stressful time in your life.

Chat with your chosen company first – make sure they understand your requirements, and your timeframe for your move, rather than setting your own boundaries, after all, you are paying for this service, so it needs to be right for you and your family.

No-one is saying that a move can be completely stress free, but the right removals company could certainly take away a lot of the stress and pressure that your moving in day can bringing


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