Choosing The Right Diamond Shape For The Engagement Ring

It is a very exciting time in a woman’s life when she becomes engaged. Therefore, the engagement ring should really be something special. When you want to opt for a diamond engagement ring, there are a variety of different shaped diamonds that one can choose from.

A lot of jewellers and retailers advertise most of their diamond inventory on their website. Therefore, you can easily view the jeweller’s website to see if anything catches your eye. You may also wish to check the engagement rings in Auckland at You will without a doubt find a large selection of beautiful diamond rings online.

Choosing a diamond for an engagement ring is basically based on personal choice. Popular choices for a diamond’s shape include marquise, round, oval, emerald, pear and square cut diamonds. These diamonds are the most common when it comes to engagement rings.

A round diamond is still the most popular choice. Round diamonds hold great beauty and they seem to have a certain brilliance and shine that is virtually unmatched. Round diamonds seem to go with just about any attire.

Marquise shaped diamonds may not be as popular as round diamonds but marquise diamonds make beautiful rings. Diamonds of this shape and texture are not as expensive as round diamonds. In addition, diamonds of this type seem to look better within geometric type settings. Princess type diamonds can also be used if you prefer rings in a geometric type setting.

Oval, emerald as well as pear shaped diamonds are quite beautiful however they appear to have much less sparkle. In addition, oval, emerald and pear-shaped diamonds tend to be more transparent when compared to the round diamond. Diamonds of this shape can make the hand appear slimmer. Hands and fingers may appear slimmer due to the distinctive shape of the diamond as well as the elongated appearance. Therefore, there are actually some benefits to choosing oval and emerald shape diamonds.

As far as cost is concerned, oval, emerald, pear shaped as well as square cut diamonds are essentially priced between 30% and 40% lower than most round diamonds. When it comes to choosing any diamond, a great deal depends upon the person’s financial position as well as their budget. If you shop around, you may be surprised at the extraordinary prices you may find.

Some people also use two important factors when choosing a special diamond. Size and quality are two very important factors that most people use when making a decision about purchasing a diamond engagement ring. Size is fairly self-explanatory. However, when it comes to a diamond’s quality, you must ask yourself a very important question. Are there any visible flaws in the diamond that you wish to purchase? Some diamonds have no visible flaws to the naked eye. However, if a professional were to examine the diamond with special tools, more than likely they would find hidden flaws that most people cannot see. If you are looking for a diamond with virtually no flaws, then expect to pay a very hefty price for that perfectly cut diamond.

Finally, a diamond engagement ring holds great meaning. Therefore, the ring should be selected with utmost care. There are so many beautiful diamond engagement rings on the market. Consult a trusted jeweller to ensure that you get the best one.

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