Christmas Gift Guide For Men Part 2

As it ever edges closer, I have some more Christmas ideas aimed at the man in your life. (You can take a look at my first guide here). I always find men harder to buy for, I think when I’m buying for female relatives and friends I tend to opt for things I would like myself, but for the men in my family, I find it a little more difficult.

This is especially true for my dad, who is one of those people who neither need anything or particularly want anything. So this list today is dedicated to the men who neither want or need anything in particular, but you want to get them something special anyway.


Manly Gifts From The Manly Man Company

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then it is worth looking at the offerings from The Manly Man Company. Their man bouquets which offer the likes of Beef Jerky rather than roses are not only tasty, but so unusual they are sure to bring a smile to the grumpiest of faces. The Manly Man Company® proves that flowers are not just for the girls, but may have a little extra spice when presented to the man in your life.

A Coat or Jacket from Gant

Christmas is the time to spoil someone with a really luxurious gift, so why not choose one that is also stylish and practical like a coat or a jacket from Gant? Gant is all about quality, and this season it has a range of coats and jackets to meet most men’s needs, from Windcheaters, warm puffa jackets, parkas and smarter choices like luxurious wool and cashmere blend coats.

Gant clothes always have that iconic, slightly preppy look that make them suitable for all ages, and they look just as good whether they are being worn at the weekend for a football match, for an evening at a smart restaurant, or for getting to work on cold Winter mornings. There are also some great colourful choices that will brighten up not just the Winter wardrobe, but the dull, cold days that we are suffering from at the moment, and of course, there are plenty of waterproof versions ready for the return of the rain.

Below are some of my key picks just ready for giving to the man in your life this Christmas.

A Christmas Card From 33pixels

Let’s be honest. Some of the Christmas cards you can find on the High Street are a little twee to say the least. Pictures of puppies and Santa’s and snowmen will not be to the taste of most men, and there seems to be a line that goes from cute to rude with not much in between.

So step forward 33pixels, a digital and print design studio which creates truly beautiful, minimalist stylish designs that would suit both men and women and are tasteful and elegant. They are currently selling the cards on Etsy as a pack of 5 for £5, but the more you buy, the cheaper the price.

I love how stylish and unusual these cards are, something really different and stand out from the High Street.

A Shaving Subscription Box From The Personal Barber

Beautiful shaving products are always well received as a Christmas present, even in these days when beards seem to be king. A shaving subscription box from The Personal Barber not only provides a range of high quality shaving products as a Christmas gift, but offers the option to replenish these products each month if you opt for the subscription service.

The box is all about a traditional wet shave. In the first box you get a safety razor, shaving brush, soap/cream, blades, a handy step by step guide and more. The box is beautifully presented, already to gift to someone, and the classic safety razor is actually rather beautiful, as well as being more environmentally friendly as you are only replacing the blade, not throwing the whole disposable shaver away each time.

You can find information about the range of kits here.

A Personalised Mug From Vistaprint

Without a doubt, my hubbie’s favourite drink is what he refers to as ‘a brew’. Yes, you can keep your beer and real ales, a mug of tea seems to solve all the ills of the world. That is why a personalised mug is a great Christmas gift idea.

Vistaprint do a great range of personalised gifts, and of course, this includes a personalised mug that can have a special photo memory of your choice added to it. This could be a memory of a special occasion, or a photograph of someone special – your child, a new baby, a relative no longer with us.

A photo mug is an affordable Christmas gift, so may be a good idea for a child to present to a favourite relative (dad, grandad etc).




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  • James

    I got my wife a mug with a picture of our dog on it. She loved it! She’s so hard to buy for so it was a nice easy and affordable gift!

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