Christmas Gift Guide For Men Pt 1

More Christmas gift ideas on the blog today, this time a few aimed at the men in your life, generally agreed as being more difficult to buy for.

At least one of the ideas is presented with my tongue firmly in cheek (Poo Pouri I’m looking at you), and the list will be added to, but these ideas may just give you a little inspiration if you are struggling with ideas for a tricky male.

A Red Letter Days Gift Experience

Lockdown is the perfect time to plan ahead to times when we can get out and about again, and that is why a gift experience from Red Letter Days is such a good idea, especially if you are buying for an adventurous type.

This year, with the current climate in mind, they have come up with the Merry Christmas Gift Set, this has a whole book of all sorts of experiences to choose from (2625 in total), taking place all over the UK, and valid for 24 months, so you can chose when to cash in your experience. There are driving experiences, meals out, afternoon teas, go karts, zip lines, literally every sort of fun is catered for.

The Bluebeards Revenge Eau De Toilette

The Bluebeards Revenge is a men’s shave, beard, hair and body grooming brand based in the South West of England. It offers a great range of men’s grooming and fragrance products including their Original Blend Eau De Toilette.

This is a great gift idea for men who love fresh scented masculine fragrances. This combines citrus tones with Jasmine, black tea, water mint and patchouli amongst others. The fragrance is beautifully bottled in a glass bottle that has a hand-drawn design, and the fact it is blended and bottled in the UK is another plus point.

The Ultimate Football Quiz Book From Welbeck Publications

A good quiz book that can be used to test the whole family is a great idea for passing time over the Christmas period, and The Ultimate Football book by Max Wadsworth has over 100 quizzes from the World of Football.

The book is an officially licensed publication and features quizzes on all aspects of football including different nations, legendary players, World Cups (including women’s world cups) and all the greatest clubs. The answers are in the back (for those who want to cheat, or at least check).

This offers hours of football fun and is a perfect gift for a football buff.

Lynx Car Air Fresheners

This year the classic Lynx fragrance has been turned into the most masculine of car air freshener, and these make a perfect stocking filler for the petrolhead in your life. They are available in five different formats including Vent, gel and hanging designs. The scents include Ice Chill to Dark Temptation, and also include the iconic Africa fragrance. Each freshener promises 30 days of freshness and are currently available at Halfords.

Photo Gifts From Asda Photo

A photographic gift works for most people – it can be a way to preserve a treasured memory, it could be a memento of a special day, or a special relationship. Asda Photo has a wide range of gift ideas to help you preserve your photographic memories – canvases, calendars, mugs, blankets, cushions – all can be emblazoned with your photographs, as well as more traditional photo books and prints.

A photo gift can be the perfect present for someone who is a bit of a photography buff as you could find their best photo’s and maybe create a special calendar full of beautiful images. Alternatively, you could chose one image to create a very special canvas.

Poo Pouri Before You Go Toilet Spray

If you love to send a funny, or joke present to a loved one, then the Poo Pouri Before you go spray, Christmas edition, is a must. It comes in the most festive of boxes and in a gorgeous, almost retro style bottle, and has also managed to bottle a real Christmassy scent with cinnamon and mulberry tones.

It comes in a box that has a ribbon attached in case you wanted to hang it from the tree, and also a space to write the name of the lucky recipient. The message on the back of the box is also hilarious, it ‘leaves the porcelain sleigh smelling better than you found it.’

Definitely great as a comedy gift, or even just to leave in the bathroom before all those sprouts kick in.

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