Christmas Gift Idea: Win A Cake From bakerdays

This week I have been to see ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ and visited a Christmas market. I have also drunk my first mulled wine of the season. It is fair to say that Christmas is almost here, so with this in mind I am moving on with my gift ideas, and today I bring you a gift that is suitable for everyone as long as they love cake.

bakerdays are the brilliant company that creates cakes that are sent to you in a tin that actually fits through your letterbox, making them the perfect gift to send to a person who is never in, who’s gifts invariably end up at the Royal Mail collection office. (I can vouch that the tins do fit through the letterbox as I was not in on the day it was posted and found it sitting safely on my mat.) bakerdays do a great range of cakes that can be personalised, for birthdays, births, back to school and, of course, they have a brilliant range of Christmas cakes too.

The cakes come in a range of flavours, including chocolate chip and lemon. They also have gluten free and Dairy free options too, which I think is brilliant. The designs range from cute animals, to Darth Vadar and Minions with a Christmas touch, and there are also really beautiful Christmas trees and scenes that might suit an older relative, friend or neighbour. There are also selfie style cakes where you can add a picture of the recipient, which could be a brilliant touch if you were gifting the cake to a teenager.

I chose a cake for my husband, and as he is a handsome beardy guy, there was really only one choice for me. He loved the Hipster Santa Cake with the ‘Merry Christmas Beardy’ message on the front, and the choice of Chocolate Chip centre was also a very popular choice, The cake came in the traditional tin, and also came with a Christmas card and cracker, a really lovely touch.

Hipster Santa Cake £27.99 Click to visit Bakerdays

Competition Time

If you would like to win a Christmas cake of your choice for a loved one, you can enter the below competition to win one that will be delivered in time for Christmas.

Baker Days Letterbox Christmas Cake Giveaway





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