Christmas Gift Ideas For The Fashionista In Your Life

Christmas is coming, and whilst there are people who had already got all their presents and had wrapped them by the beginning of September, for most of us this is where the rush begins. Black Friday is not just a day to get a bargain, it is also a klaxon warning that Christmas is just a month away and we really need to get a move on and get those presents sorted and quickly.

This gift guide is dedicated to the fashionista, the person who lives and breathes for fashion and wouldn’t be seen dead wearing anything from last season. This is the person who is always on trend and can basically throw anything on and still look the business. This is the person who wore the tassle earrings first, knows which colour makes you stand out from the crowd, and never looks anything less than immaculate, even when the weather is awful and they’re surviving on just a few hours sleep for burning the candle at both ends.

Here is what you buy this year for the person who has everything.

Something in the colour mustard.

Red has been a big colour this season, but I fell, once again for the colour mustard after seeing a fabulous coat in House of Fraser. Mustard is not a colour for everyone, but it is bright and vibrant and works so well with black and grey, great tonal colours for Winter. My pick is a fabulous jumper, the Killarga jumper from Bellfield Fashion. This would look so fabulous layered over black basics, or worn with an skater style skirt and ankle boots. Speaking of ankle boots…

Pearl Edged Boots

These are on my Christmas list this year, and have been all over Instagram. Black suede ankle boot edged with pearls are the perfect versatile piece of footwear. In Winter I find I wear boots a lot, even when I go out for the evening, and the pearls on these make them a very attractive, dressy option. I love the Danna design from Spy, Love, Buy because they have a practical chunky heel that would also make them comfortable for adding vintage glamour to an everyday look.

Something with a Slogan

Fashionista’s love a slogan, this stems right back to those Katherine Hamnett t shirts from the 1980s, and the Bella Freud ‘Ginsberg is God’ jumper immortalised by Kate Moss. These days you can wear your slogan where you like. I love the Katie Loxton pouches which have slogans like ‘blah blah blah’ and ‘Beautiful Dreamer’ and are the perfect size for lipstick, keys and debit card and come in a range of gorgeous colours. For tops and jumpers it is hard to beat Joanie Clothing, I’m currently obsessed with the Nora Make Believe jumper which is both whimsical and great for Christmas.

A Coffee Table Fashion Book

Style and fashion books are a great gift idea, a way of giving the gift of inspiration to the fashionista in your life. TK Maxx is well worth a look as they have a great selection of Vogue designer books in stock at many stores, including Versace, Ralph Lauren, Armani and Givenchy (my personal pick.). It is also worth checking out the Amazon marketplace where you can get beautiful coffee table tomes with serious discounts.



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