Christmas Tree Pizza Canapes With Schwartz Herbs

Christmas is all about the food isn’t it. As well as the requisite Turkey and all the trimmings on Christmas day, and the copious amounts of alcohol that you are sure to be indulging in, there are also lots of buffets, often using up the rest of the turkey, and supplemented with lots of nibbles and canapes that you often find hard to resist.

Schwartz, the UK’s largest producer of food seasoning, herbs and spices have recently tasked me with a question – how could I use their food seasonings in my Christmas party cooking. Now, it has to be said that I am the world’s most useless cook, but we do often use the oregano from the brand in our pastas, which tend to be vegetable based and hot and spicy (lots of herbs, lots of garlic and far too much chilli). But with Christmas just around the corner, I decided to put my own twist on the humble pizza with a Christmas tree pizza canape which would be perfect or both adults and children.

Christmas Tree Pizza Canapes

The canapes are really easy to make. You make a simple christmas tree shape using bread, this can either be achieved with a really sharp knife, or a cookie cutter could do the job. Add tomato puree as a bottom layer, then you can add what you like as a second and third layer. I opted for Mozzarella and rocket leaves to give the tree some green. Next add a sprinkling of the Schwartz Oregano to give an authentic pizza flavour.  This is really easy to do due to the handy sprinkler lid on the herbs. Pop under the grill on a medium heat for a minute or two, and these are ready to enjoy.

The Verdict?

These pizzas are quick and easy to make, but look effective and taste delicious. The use of Mozzarella and Oregano give them an authentic taste, but you could also add lots of different toppings including different cheeses, ham, pineapple and tuna and olives. The beauty of them is that children enjoy them as much as adults, and if you were truly adventurous, you could create lots of different shapes using cookie cutters to give your table a real Christmas feel.

You can buy your Schwartz Oregano at Tesco by clicking here.

“Schwartz have sent me (this product) for review, but all views are my own”