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Chunky Glamour: Green Gemstone Extravaganza Bracelet From Cosmo Elegance

More and more these days we are turning towards costume jewellery when we want to turn on the glamour. Cosmo Elegance is a brand that offers a style statement when it comes to fabulous quality fashion jewellery.  Their trademark is that each piece of jewellery is forged from top-tier 316L Stainless Steel and embellished with a mesmerizing triple-layer of luminous 18K GOLD. This means that not only does the jewellery sparkle and shine, but it is also high durable, a piece that you can wear now, and still be loving in years to come. It is also highly affordable, a treat for yourself or for a loved one.

The beauty of opting for 316L Stainless Steel coated with 18K GOLD is that you are opting for the durability of a lifetime! These products are guaranteed to be hypoallergenic, waterproof, and sweat proof. This means you can wear them when you are playing sports, when you are washing up, and even if you usually suffer due to allergies and it will not irritate, nor will it tarnish. Add all this in with the fact that the jewellery pieces are truly beautiful, and it is a no brainer that Cosmo Elegance is a wonderful place to find a piece of forever jewellery.

My key piece is the Chunky Glamour: Green Gemstone Extravaganza which you can buy for less than £30. It is a truly gorgeous piece which combines the 316L Stainless Steel coated with 18K GOLD with green eye catching gemstones, which gives it a real Dynasty glamour look. The chain style bracelet has a chunky link design, but it sits beautifully flat on your wrist, meaning you could wear this over a jumper or long sleeved top and it would still work well.

The bracelet is 17 cm in length, but also has an extender chain of 5 cm, which means that you can choose to wear this looser, or tight to the wrist.

Cosmo Elegance products come beautifully packaged if you are thinking of giving one as a gift, maybe for Mother’s Day, which this year falls on March 10th. They have a suedette pouch to keep the product safe, and this is then stored in an elegant, draw style gift box, which gives this the feel of a luxury gift.

You can get a 15% discount off all products at Cosmo Elegance by using the code FASHIONMOMMY15 

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