Church Outfit Ideas For Women


Dressing for church is something that interests many people. Generally, appropriate church clothing should be subtle and conservative. This means your work-specific, club, gym, and summer outfits won’t be fit for church. The church deserves some respect, making it inappropriate to rock your shorts, sweats, minis, or show cleavage. Unfortunately, even with clear expectations, there is no perfect church outfit.

The perfect church outfit should be comfortable and adhere to church standards. Unlike before, modern churches have embraced some changes. Some lean towards casual clothing, while others have formal dress preferences. Below are a few tips on how to dress for church.

1.  Don’t Wear Anything Transparent or Above the Knee

Even though the church is considered a social gathering, it isn’t a party or typical night out with friends. Families and people of different ages attend the service. You should eliminate clothing designs that would be considered disrespectful in the holy space.

Low-cut or backless dresses, tank tops, or anything that rises above your knee or displays your midriff shouldn’t be worn to church. However, just because church-appropriate dresses should be modest doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. You can dress appropriately yet not leave your skin exposed with these modest skirts from Dainty Jewells.

2.  Choose Clean, Well-Fitted, and Pressed Clothes

You shouldn’t pull random clothes from the bottom of your closet for church. Instead, you should dress in clean outfits that make you look like a serious churchgoer, regardless of the occasion. Wearing wrinkled clothes makes you look unkempt and gives a wrong impression. Alternatively, you can invest in various non-iron and wrinkle-free dress designs. 

3.  Accessorize Your Outfit Appropriately

The best way to show your personality beyond the neutral colors of your church clothes is by matching them up with suitable accessories. You can refine your simple church attire with the right piece of jewelry and other accessories, such as shoes and belts.

One staple accessory that doesn’t go out of style is the classic pearl necklace. This peace is gorgeous, timeless, and adds a fitting touch to your attire of choice. As for the earrings, small pearls or studs are a good choice. Avoid earrings that are extra-long or full of shining stones. These pieces are best for a night out or other formal events. Every woman should have one or several pairs of loop earrings, which can be worn with almost everything.

4.  Layer With Shawls and Shrugs

You shouldn’t wear anything that leaves your skin exposed. Sleeveless dresses and tops are not appropriate for church. During summer, you may choose from a wide range of light clothes that provide full coverage. However, in winter, draping a stylish shawl or shrug over your shoulders can keep you warm without being overbearing.

Shawls can be worn over any dress and are a wonderful option for cold days. Shrugs are also an excellent choice, especially if you find color options that complement your dress. You should have a variety of shawls and shrugs in different designs and color options. This makes it easy to switch your looks weekly with your favorite dresses.


Generally, your church attire should be comfortable and modest. Regardless of the culture in your church, some things can’t be worn. Besides tank tops and crop tops, graphic t-shirts with sports team logos and brands should also be avoided. You should also wear jeans only if the church has permitted them.

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