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When you are thinking about your Summer holidays, packing light is always at the forefront of your mind. Many airlines restrict you to just 15kgs of luggage these days, which is not exactly brilliant if you are going on a two-week holiday. So packing items that are stylish, but light and space-saving are definitely on the top of our holiday lists. Claireabella, the cult classic personalised bag and accessories company, which is available at Toxic Fox, may just have solved the beach bag/multi-purpose tote bag problem and created something that is cute, personal and very practical.

You are probably aware of Claireabella from their television adverts and through the fact that celebrity fashionistas seem to love them. Just this week Karen Danczuk, MP wife and selfie queen, was spotted with her personalised Karen bag, and others celebs like Jess Wright, Una Healy and Michelle Keegan all tote their pretty, girlie totes with pride.

Una Healy

Michelle Keegan

Claireabella bags are so easy to create, you simply personalise them to suit the person you are giving them too. You can choose the outfit, the hair colour and style, eyes, skin tone, literally everything to create an idealised image of yourself. You can then add this image to a range of personalised gifts, from canvas and hessian bags, passport covers, mugs, make-up bags, satchels, wine glasses – the list is literally endless. (You can find all these products and more personalised gift ideas at Toxic Fox by clicking here to visit the website.)


My Design

I am currently enjoying a holiday in the sun and this lovely tote has traveled with me. I love the fact that it is lightweight, and it is so cute it attracts looks and attention wherever it goes. I´ve even been wearing a very similar black swimsuit and holding the odd wine glass so it is just a perfect holiday accessory for me!


If you are traveling very soon, this might well be the perfect holiday accessory to add to your suitcase.

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  1. I’ve seen this bags so many times before, I still can’t get the love of them.. I feel like they’re kids bags. gorgeous people get away with any accessories so you’re safe. haha 🙂 x

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