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Clean and Healthy Homes- Using A Home Cleaning Service

If you work full time, even if you are currently working from home, you may have opted to use some kind of cleaning service. It feels great to walk into a home that is properly cleaned and smells good. While you have probably set aside some time to look for the right company or person that your house will entrusted to, there are some important factors that you should keep in mind.

Cleaning Services – Inside

Regular cleaning features a number of services. Routine jobs typically include thorough cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens, vacuuming the house, dusting surfaces, mopping and making beds. Detailed or deep cleaning is usually an extra service and many companies recommend this initially for their new clients.  Along with routine cleaning, several residential cleaning companies offer some additional services at an extra cost. These may include cleaning the refrigerator, oven, inside cabinets, spot-cleaning and leather furniture.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning services can also be restricted to specific areas of your home, this could be a professional window cleaning service for instance. Windows are so important as they give one of the first impressions of your home, but they can also be tricky and fiddly, and sometimes downright dangerous to clean (I’m having visions of my mom sitting on the inside window sill leaning out to clean the upstairs window.) A professional window cleaning service, like the Direct Window Cleaning company in Chester will ensure that your windows are sparkling and smear free, but will also do this in a safe and efficient way that means you no longer need to be hanging out your window, or climbing up ladders in order to make your home look presentable from the outside.

Cleaning Frequency

Depending on affordability and your needs, you can set up an arrangement for cleaners to show up as frequently as possible. Variations include weekly and monthly sessions. Common choices are bi-weekly and every other week. For homeowners who are unsure about committing to professional cleaning services on a long-term basis, a trail run that consists of at least two cleanings is advisable. If you are looking at house cleaning services Ann Arbor you may only want one or two visits if this is a holiday let or holiday home.

For your windows, it is generally believed that once a month is sufficient, although this is generally a personal choice, you may choose a frequency of every 6-8 weeks for your windows, and may also have your guttering checked every few months.

Home Cleaning and Wellness

A house that is clean and organized, both inside and out,  can improve your mental wellbeing. The process of de-cluttering and cleaning your home will help to ease anxiety and negative emotions. Living in an unsanitary house makes you more susceptible to diseases that causes by pests, allergens and bacteria.

Untidy homes can become a safety hazards for occupants, or at least give them something else to worry about. Cleaning creates more space and prevents messy situations from turning into dangerous obstacles. Using a professional service for cleaning your home and windows can remove another pressure from your life, meaning  you can look forward to relaxing and unwinding after a long day at work, without having to start again.



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