Clean Liquor Launch At The Canalhouse, Birmingham

You may know Spencer Matthews from ‘Made in Chelsea’ or at least as a TV personality, but the Spencer Matthews that visited Birmingham last week has taken on a decidedly different guise as the CEO and founder of the Clean Liqour company, a company who have created the World’s first clean gin. I went along to The Canalhouse in Birmingham for the launch and can happily tell you that it tastes great, and will definitely not be getting you drunk any time soon.

The idea for the Clean Liquor company came about after the birth of Spencer’s son. He decided he wanted to cut out drinking but found that non, or very low alcoholic drinks seemed to be restricted to beer and lagers, or sweet, fruit based ‘mocktails’. There was a gap in the market for clean (very low alcohol volume) versions of drinks that would offer the non drinker, the designated driver, the person who couldn’t drink due to meds etc etc some other choice. From this realisation, the Clean Liquor company was born.

Clean Gin is the first product, hopefully one of many, with clean rum and whisky now in the planning stages. The gin has an ABV of just 1.2% but has been properly distilled and has all the taste of a London Dry Gin, but with 30 times less alcohol and also less calories (just 2 calories per 25ml serving).

At The Canalhouse, we were shown that the Clean Gin is perfect when served long and traditional with a tonic water, but also works brilliantly in a range of Gin cocktails including my own personal favourite, The Cobbler, which is served as a long drink with Elderflower and lemon and mint, perfect for those who love a Mojito. The drinks were a fabulous accompaniment to the delicious Vegan dishes served by The Canalhouse, including an amazing vegan chilli served with tortillas.

Clean Gin is priced at £24.99 for a 700ml bottle, comes in a gorgeous bottle perfect for those gin displays, and is available here.

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