Clothes To Create A Great First Impression At A Job Interview

So you’ve applied for that dream job, updated the CV and bingo! you’ve got an interview. You know that you would be perfect for this position, but now you have to shine at the interview. You know that you can dazzle them with your knowledge and answers, but the reality is that your first impression starts the minute you enter the room, before you’ve even opened your mouth. The way you look and present yourself is truly your first impression, and so it pays to look the part.

For the majority of jobs the first impression needs to be of someone who is smart and presentable. There are a few roles where looking edgy and original can be a plus, but for most roles you need to look professional, and this can often mean a suit, for both men and women. For women, this can be a bit of a minefield – do you opt for a traditional feminine suit with a skirt, or aim for a more masculine aesthetic by opting for trousers? Is the colour black to funereal – would grey or navy be a better choice? And, if you do opt for a skirt, what exactly is the right length? Too short can look unprofessional, to long can be frumpy.

If you are looking for a look that will strike the right balance, something that is stylish and presentable, well cut but not too ostentatious, and business like without being overly sombre, you should check out the ladies suits by Lucy Alice. The Lucy Alice range should give you plenty of food for thought – maybe a dress with a matching jacket could be a more modern option for you? Or, if you do opt for the traditional two piece, they have five different types of jacket so you should be able to choose a cut that actually suits your figure, after all, there is nothing that looks more slovenly than an ill fitting suit – just look at Donald Trump for proof.

The Lucy Alice collection has formal work wear that goes up to a size 26 in most items, which is another really positive aspect of the collection, and allows you to mix and match to create a range of different work wear looks that will make an impression from that first interview and beyond. So, if you are planning on a career move or change, make sure you have the work wear pieces to keep up with your progress.

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