Clothing Items That Deserve A Spot in Your College Closet

College students, even those that take technical courses, tend to dress well. Most of them are even keen on trends and can spot the latest backpack, jacket, or even hat. This is all because the fashion industry has a wide range of outfits to fit all body types, sizes, and styles. As a result, students can select clothes that showcase their personality yet are comfortable and stylish.

The problem is that the wide variety of choices can leave a learner overwhelmed with what to include in their closet. Luckily we have the solution for you. Do you want college outfits that will ensure you always stay on top of your fashion game? This list has the top items that you should not miss in your wardrobe.

Ripped Jeans for Everyday Wear

From models, bloggers to celebrities, ripped jeans are favorite to everyone regardless of age or gender. It never goes out of style and can be paired with a simple T-shirt rarely missed in a student’s closet. This type of jeans also exudes a street style or casual vibe and can be dressed up or down depending on the mood, weather, and personal style. 

Since there are endless ripped jeans styles, the trick to purchasing a good one is to use the same criteria when selecting a legit essay writing service: look at examples, consider the price and quality. You don’t want to go over budget and buy a substandard item that won’t even last a semester. 

For a stylish quick look, pair your distressed jeans with sandals, sneakers, boots, and heels. Oversized cardigans, button-down shirts, and any cute top will complement this type of jeans. Avoid jeans with exaggerated big holes or near the upper thigh as they can seem unsuitable for a classroom setting, especially if conservative professors teach you. 

Cami Dress for a Night Out

Every college girl needs a cute dress for going out. It can be clubbing or attending a fancy party within the campus. A cami dress shows boldness and a unique fashion style. There are numerous ways to style this dress. For example, pair a slip dress with high heels or wedges. You can still wear a cami dress during the day but pair it with an oversized sweater, t-shirt, bomber jacket, add a skinny belt, and layer it with a turtle neck sweater during winter. 

In case the dress you want is expensive, don’t feel bad about it. Instead, use it as a way to reward yourself. According to, a great way to reward yourself is to buy something nice. However, ensure the dress is high-quality so that it benefits you over the long term.

Jumpsuit for a Picnic

Want to make a fashion statement in college? Wear a jumpsuit. This must-have item is great for those days when you don’t have time to match the bottom item with a top. It’s a safe option for a formal occasion, and when paired with the right accessories, it earns you compliments. 

Just make sure the jumpsuit flatters your figure and showcases your style. The right accessories for a jumpsuit are those that break the monotony while enhancing the wow factor. The comfortable nature of a jumpsuit makes it great for a picnic or an outdoor event. 

A Classy White Shirt for a Formal Look

Whether you are meeting a professor or faculty member to discuss your project or progress in school, you need to be presentable, and a formal white shirt suits the occasion. The button-down white shirt is also ideal when you want to discuss a class assignment with a professional tutor from via Zoom. 

This wardrobe staple is also versatile and looks stunning with leather pants, jeans, slip dresses, joggers, and colorful or tribal skirts. Note that not all white shirts are the same. Some are made from linen known for having wrinkles, flannel is often too thick, and corduroy has a casual look. 

Cotton is the go-to material for most people who love white shirts because it’s durable, timeless, and breathable. During summer, tie the shirt at the waist, pair with strappy sandals, and high waist trouser to exude a fun yet chic look. 

Leggings for Every Occasion

Just like jeans, leggings will never go out of style and look amazing, even on curvy or full-figured ladies. That is why they are a must-have for every college girl. Besides, there is a legging for every occasion. However, there is a right way to wearing leggings to school. Because they hug the body tight, they should be paired with a long top, tunic, or an oversized jacket. Stick to solid or dark colors as they exude a sophisticated mature look.


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