Combining Food And Wine As A Perfect Gift Combo

When it comes to finding the perfect Christmas gift idea, particularly for couples, we often find that we edge towards food and drink choices. It is really a no brainer when you think about it. Food and drink can easily be shared, can definitely be seen as a treat, and is something that can be enjoyed, both during Christmas, and in the days after.

Piemonte Hazelnut and Chocolate Creme, Crema di Nocciola, Nocciole d’Elite

Quality wine stockists Independent Wine, who offer free next day delivery in the UK, have this year expanded their wine offering for Christmas, and have also introduced a brand new product that develops the idea of chocolate and wine being a perfect pairing. The new product is the delectable Piemonte Hazelnut and Chocolate Creme, Crema di Nocciola, Nocciole d’Elite. This is a UK exclusive, an authentic Piedmontese delicacy, soft chocolate creme from hazelnuts grown in Alta Langa.

Crema di Nocciole is a smooth paste made of hazelnuts and chocolate, a traditional delicacy from Piemonte. It’s a perfect treat for dessert or even breakfast, being a wonderful choice to spread on toast and bagels, or adding more sweetness to pancakes and waffles, or even added to ice cream. If you love Nutella, this is the very definition of a step up.

This “crema” was crafted by Nocciole d’Elite – a small, family-owned hazelnut farm and artisan production run by Emanuele Canaparo. Emanuele’s hazelnuts are produced to the highest quality standards of the Nocciola Piemonte IGP regulations. This makes this a perfect gift for those who like to support small cottage industries and independent traders, as well as those who are true food connoisseurs.

Teaming With Wine

Demarie Barelo is the pefect choice for teaming with the crema. Why? Well if you check out the testing notes you will see it’s chocolately flavours just jumping out at you, making this a really delicious, luxurious combination.

In the glass, this Barolo has a medium garnet colour. It offers a pronounced aroma of black plum, red cherry, wild rose and liquorice, underpinned by notes of vanilla, cinnamon and black pepper. This is complimented by hints of dark chocolate, prune, and meat. In the mouth, the wine is dry, with medium acidity and powerful tannins – as you’d expect from a Barolo of this age. Each sip tastes like plums and dried figs, cinnamon and chocolate, leading into a long finish.

You can create a wonderful Christmas gift box, or add these two products to a food hamper that would just be a gorgeous gift to give and receive.

If you are looking for more wine and chocolate combinations, check out this page here.

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