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Comeback Fashion Trends

Fashion just like history repeats itself.  Although it evolves, a cycle of repeated nostalgia still runs through the trends of today, making a massive reference to the era’s of the past mainly the 1970’s & 1990’s. The beauty of fashion in that it’s not an exact science and it is more about creative expression and feeling than it is about accuracy, so it can often be difficult to pinpoint why these trends keep repeating themselves. We’ve seemed to have unanimously come to agree that fashion has a 20-year trend cycle, and with culture evolving faster each year what was cool in the 70’s became hot in the 90’s and is then reimagined 20 decades later yet again. The bright dopamine colours, oversized shirts and puffed sleeves of the 1980’s have all had a revival recently. Fashion is cyclical.

What does this exactly tell us about the fashion of the near future? Is it our inner millennial nostalgia holding on to the simplicity of the past? How many throwback Thursdays and flashback Fridays do we need to punctuate the language of our generation and curate a retrospective of our greatest hits? Do we forever keep raiding the cupboard of our mother’s past to stay on trend? What in the good name of innovation is going on? Is it time to take off our retro rose-tinted glasses and become true innovators of style or are we entangled in a complex behavior wherein we are continually cribbing from someone else and where no original idea is possible. No need for department stores when you have  charity shops and thrift stores right?

Now if you’re looking for inspiration or just curious to see what my mother once thought was cool, here are five trends from 2022 that we have seen before, trends reimagined and making waves across the globe once again.

Using A Laundry

Thrifty shopping that involves buying vintage and preloved items is big news, but with that often comes the urge to get everything dry cleaned. Whether this is due to the items not being new, or because old stains have become embedded into an item is not clear, but dry cleaning is an expensive game that takes the price of your bargain outfit to a new level.

Instead of opting straight away for a dry cleaning service, take a look at that care label. Most items can be washed in a washing machine, often on a cool cycle. To make matters easier, especially on larger items like coats, or evening dresses, opt for a Laundromat self service option like The Clothes Spin. The beauty of using a laundry service near Appomattox, especially for those larger items, is that they have extra large bins, so you are not having to scrunch up those bigger pieces. Most towns and cities have a laundromat, so you shouldn’t need to travel far, and they prove to be far cheaper than dry cleaning services, and much faster too, so you will soon be wearing your ‘new to you’ item.

Bum Bags

Images Sourced: Popsugar Fashion

It’s been more than twenty years, and the name still hasn’t settled comfortably, yet the trend is back and way chicer than that of its original 1990’s counterpart.  Once again we are opting for a hand’s free bag this time taking a more luxurious approach, the new luxury bag seems to have shed its dorky reputation and adopted a somewhat cooler one that oozes style and convenience. The new bum bags have ignited billboards and runways across the world featuring on campaigns of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Armani. No longer the practical tourist-like accessory the bum bags are now worn with a fresh over the shoulder styling trend that has been worn by some of Hollywood’s most prominent young style icons. If you’re not planning your outfit around your recently unarchived fanny pack, then you’re doing it all wrong.

Slogan Tees


Imaged Sourced: Who What Wear

The slogan Tee is the new bell of the ball, the longtime wardrobe staple of the openly cheeky, while the shirts themselves may not be anything new, it a trend that is adaptable, versatile and current. Slogan Tees have spent most of their existence relegated to the bottom drawer used for lazy girl sleepwear, and gym and laundry day’s, but recently our off-duty favourite has got a makeover – really it’s about time too. Their birth of this revitalised trend started with Bella Freud, moved onto the high street with brands like Disco Kids and Joanie Clothing and suddenly the runway featured an array of political wordy tee’s and slogans. Fashion took wearing your heart on your sleeve to new heights letting their opinions and concerns be heard through their clothing, adopting a social and political conscious that is just as catchy as it is cool.


Image Sourced: Vogue

Military is one of those trends that has been relieved time and time again, experiencing a dizzy evolution in this past half century, from the likes of Jane Fonda and John and Yoko in their matching military surplus military wear has always been a part of the fashion vernacular. As we welcomed the digital age, we thought t the military era would soon be a thing of the past. With the takeover of tech and nuclear weapons filling the interest of the army the military no longer battles it out on the field. Today instead they sit in a room waiting to push a button that will see to the end of their enemies. This change has had an impact on what military uniforms requirements are as well as how we and the fashion industry see military wear.

However, thanks to combat simulations games like paintball and Esports we can relive our nostalgia of Military and the new impact that these simulation games have on the uniform of combat wear. The tech influence has seen the modernization of military wear through the evolution of these combat games, with the ability to play online, place bets on your Esports game or meet new allies from around the world. Military is no longer a nostalgic uniform of the past, but rather a fashion statement of the future, more of a philosophy than a passing trend, military intertwines and reinterprets a rebellious and sophisticated style, one of control and determination. The trend sparked revival during the American electoral process in which designers embodies the ideologies of ‘soldiering through’ times that are tough by creating an exterior feeling of strength and security.

Gen Z Yellow

Image Sourced: Cultura Colectiva

Colour & light have been the watchwords for the 2022 fashion season.  Just like millennial pink before it Gen Z yellow has slowly infiltrated our subconscious, reinforcing its subtle charm as the trend suddenly sneaks up on us and suddenly we’re obsessed, and our social media platforms blur into the sun, becoming one melting hot pot of different shades of yellow. Gen Z yellow is the natural evolution of millennial pink; it maintains the same eye-pleasing softness and sweet tones of millennial pink had but without the childlike sentimentality. It speaks to the 1950 lemon meringue aesthetic; the colour is both ironic and consent. Gen Z yellow is both modern and nostalgic, bring about a zesty energy and optimism.




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