Considering A Career In Automation

One of the major effects of lockdown has been in the job market. Many industries – retail, entertainment and hospitality key amongst them, have seen major job losses as the enforced closures took hold. This has led to a lot of uncertainty for many, particularly school leavers and those at college who now have to look at what sort of career is available to them. A government ad campaign that talked about retraining was widely criticised, but the truth is that there are some key industries that have dire need of a highly trained workforce. Is it time you considered a job in automation?

There are plenty of opportunities in the field of engineering. A report from 2019 stated that not only was there a skills shortage in the engineering industry, but that 50% of the entire workforce was due to retire by 2020. There is a shortage of engineering graduates coming through, so, if you have an interest in computer sciences or computer engineering, then training to be an automation engineer could be the perfect role for you.

Why Automation?

It is clear that automation is the way forward for many industries. RNA automation explains the importance of automation in manufacturing, stating that:-

 Advances in technology has changed the nature of manufacturing. Developments in areas such as robotics, industrial vision and collaborative automation have open up new capabilities, enabling Automation to be applied not only in mass production processes but also in High-Mix/Low-Volume production environments.

For those who have gained qualifications in automation engineering, it is clear that there are many employment opportunities to be enjoyed.

What Qualifications Will You Need?

This is a role that does require some serious study. You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or a similar field to become an automation engineer. According to, you also need to look carefully to ensure your choice of course includes:-

 robotics, databases, statistics, AI, control systems and artificial neural networks (ANN).

A good Career?

It has to be said that automation engineers are in demand, which makes it a very good career path for a school leaver during these increasingly troubled times. It is interesting and ever changing, and is perfect for someone who likes solving problems linked to design. It is also an important job that actually makes a difference in our modern world.

Whilst many jobs are in danger of disappearing, an automation engineer isn’t one of them.




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