Cool As A Cucumber – Get The Perfect Temperature For The Perfect Night’s Sleep

Having your bedroom at the perfect temperature helps you to sleep better. Experts say that your bedroom should be at around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about 18.5 degrees in Celsius. It’s a little cooler than what a lot of people might regard to be “room temperature” but it’s not super cold either. This temperature is meant to make you sleep better, as your body temperature drops when you sleep. But ensuring your room isn’t too cold or too warm can be tricky. Even when you can just set your thermostat, it doesn’t guarantee that you will feel comfortable. If you want to be the perfect temperature at bedtime, take a look at these tricks.

Choose a Cool Mattress

It’s not just the temperature of your room that’s important. How warm or cool you are once you get in bed can make a difference too. Your bedding can have an effect on your body temperature, and your mattress can too. Some mattresses will cause you to feel warmer, while others are designed to keep you cool. If you visit, you can find reviews and recommendations that will help you find a mattress that will prevent you from overheating. Memory foam mattresses can make you feel warmer, but some of them have a gel layer at the top to keep you cool.

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Pick Seasonal Bedding

Think about your bedding when you’re trying to get the temperature right too. Sometimes you’ll want more and sometimes you might want less. Even if the thermostat is at the same temperature all year, other factors such as humidity can affect how you want to sleep. You might like just sheets if you tend to get warm, or blankets if you like to layer up. Thicker duvets and quilts also offer options to keep you warm if you get cold easily.


Use a Smart Thermostat for Easy Temp Control

Controlling the temperature in your home can sometimes be a little tricky. One thing that can make it easier is a smart thermostat. You can connect it to your mobile devices so that you have better control over it. It can also learn when to change the temperature so you don’t have to constantly do it yourself. When you’re ready for bed, your thermostat can automatically turn the temperature to the right point so that you don’t have to.


Find Alternative Ways of Heating or Cooling If You Need

If you’re not lucky enough to be able to control the temperature in your bedroom by simply pressing a button on your thermostat, their are other ways to heat or cool your room. You can use a fan to keep your room a bit cooler when it’s hot or perhaps use a space heater before you go to bed to heat it up (but turn it off before you go to sleep). A good old-fashioned hot water bottle or a heated wheat bag can also provide options to keep you warm if it’s a little too cold.

Your perfect sleeping temperature might not be exactly 65 degrees, but keeping your room consistent will help you sleep. Your body shouldn’t need to make too much effort to get you to the right temperature, so give it a helping hand.


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