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Cool, Calm, And Collected: Organise Your Summer Wardrobe With A Divan Bed

Divan beds with drawers are a godsend for small bedrooms because they open up a whole new world of hidden storage for your wardrobe. 

Summer brings out all kinds of seasonal clothes, from shorts to swimsuits, and you just can’t put a price on having somewhere to put them all. 

Rather than stuffing everything into your chest of drawers or boxes on top of your wardrobe, using the biggest piece of furniture in your room makes sense and a divan bed offers an affordable way to go about it. 

We provide more colour below. 

Sizing It Up

Bigger beds have more drawers – doubles usually have two drawers on one side, kings have four drawers at both sides of the bed, and super-king beds can have as many as six drawers, although they also take up monumental floor space.

Check for these measurements in your bedroom:

  • Single 90 x 190 cm.
  • Double 135 x 190 cm.
  • King Size 150 x 200 cm. 
  • Super King Size 180 x 200 cm.

Most divan beds have a base that is the same width and length as the mattress, so the only thing to be wary of is how much length a headboard adds – usually 10-15cm. 

Also, consider whether the drawers open at the sides or the foot end of the bed – you need a minimum amount of clearance to open them. 

Deep Dive Into Storage

Depth is key when selecting your divan bed because deeper drawers can accommodate bulkier items like sweaters and coats. 

Deeper drawers will elevate your mattress higher off the ground, while shallower drawers keep your bed at a more accessible height while still providing ample space for folded tees, shorts, and swimsuits.

Pictured: Shire Beds Trent 3000 4FT 6 Double Divan Bed. Priced £1087 (Save £219 on RRP) Available in a variety for fabric colours. Bedstar.

Ask yourself: how high do I want to sleep? If the answer is only around 60cm off the floor, look for a drawer depth below 15cm. 

A Summer Sanctuary

With your divan bed’s spacious drawers ready, you can neatly pack away your winter woollens, making room for breezy sundresses, lightweight button-downs, and those vibrant, patterned shorts you’ve been eyeing all season.

Pictured: Giltedge Beds Side Opening 4FT 6 Double Ottoman Base. Priced £458 (Save £92 on RRP) Available from Bedstar.

Stash away those heavy blankets and quilts, freeing up space for crisp, cool sheets and lightweight throws to keep you comfortable on balmy summer nights.

The Perfect Pairing

Why not consider coordinating your divan bed with complementary decor as you curate your summer wardrobe? 

A light, airy colour palette of whites, pastels, and soft neutrals can instantly refresh your bedroom, creating a serene oasis ideal for lazy summer mornings. Alternatively, you can go for a bold colour scheme to make your divan bed pop. 

Incorporate breezy fabrics like linen and cotton, and don’t be afraid to play with woven textures, rattan and metallics – a chunky knit throw draped over the end of the bed adds depth and cosiness without overwhelming the space.

Making the Most of Drawers

A little organisation goes a long way with sturdy boxes or bins to separate items by category – one for tops, another for bottoms, and so on. You can even label them for easy identification when swapping out seasonal wardrobes.

Vacuum storage bags are another space-saving hack to compress bulky items like sweaters and blankets to free up precious drawer real estate. 

And don’t forget those oft-neglected corners – they’re perfect for tucking away smaller accessories like belts, scarves, and swimwear.


How About Ottoman Beds?

Divan beds with drawers are fantastic for summer storage, and ottoman beds are even better because they use the entire mattress underside as storage. 

Many of the divan bases we sell offer the option of drawers or ottoman storage, with the latter costing around 30% more on average – a worthwhile upgrade if you want to access your stuff from the top of the bed rather than the sides. 


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