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Coordinating The Colors Of Your Ensemble

Harmonising the colors of your ensemble can be a bit tricky when jewelry is involved. For instance, it can be difficult deciding if those gold bangles go well with a green top (they probably do) or if rose gold earrings clash with red hair (maybe so). To help sort out common concerns like these, here are a few pointers on coordinating your ensemble based on color.

Completing a desired look is typically achieved by centering the accessories around the outfit or vice versa. However, there are other factors that must be considered, like hair and skin tone. If the focal point is going to be a sleek, black dress you’ll want to choose jewelry to not only complement the garment but your hair and skin tone as well. How can you determine which jewelry colors match these tones?

Generally, platinum, white gold and silver metals look striking against cooler skin tones. The same is true for purple, red and blue gemstones. For warmer skin tones, bronze, gold and copper-colored jewelry can look stunning and really jazz up an already warm outfit. Individuals with warm-toned skin also benefit immensely from orange, yellow and green accessories. What about those with a neutral tone to their skin? As luck would have it, they’re typically suited to most metal types and jewel colors.

There’s also matching by occasion. An outfit that works wonders in the office might not hit the same chords when out for dinner. A rule to live by is the flashier the occasion, the flashier the jewelry. Glittering gold or shimmering sapphire statement pieces may stand out just the way you want when paired with a dark red blouse. On the other hand, a simple silver necklace or pair of amethyst earrings could be charming additions to neutral-colored clothing for a laid-back get together.

When it doubt, you could turn to the color wheel. Matching jewelry to an outfit is often done one of two ways when looking at the color wheel. First, you can create a cohesive look by opting for a neighboring shade, such as blue-green or green-yellow stones for a green dress. The second option is to pick one on the opposite side for contrast. That same green dress might really pop when introduced to red or orange elements.

Why is coordinating colors so important? According to a Canadian study on the influence of colors in business, 90% of first impressions are based on color alone. Such studies also revealed the colors of a person’s clothing are capable of communicating status and level of intelligence. Not only do colors have an impact on how someone is perceived by others, but how he or she thinks of themselves as well. For these reasons and more, it’s important to take color psychology and coordination into account next time you want to make a great impression.

For further information on synchronizing colors, please see the accompanying resource.

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