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Create a World Cup Memory with Penwizard

For my football mad five year old, 2014 will forever live in the memory as the year of his first World Cup. He has already enjoyed collecting stickers for his sticker book, and has been proudly sporting a Brazil top and an England vest (hedging his bets for sure.), and now, thanks to Penwizard, he has his own personalised book, ‘Joe Luca plays for England’, to treasure forever.

DSCN7643[1]Penwizard are the brains behind a range of personalised books where you can put your child at the heart of the action. The range includes stories including Peppa Pig, Fifi and the Flowerbuds, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom and books centred around Christmas. And now, to run alongside the World Cup, they have a special football book, where your child can star in their own adventure, either playing for a premier league club, or for England.

These books are very easy to create, and can be tailored to make them as personal as possible to the child. You can alter the appearance of the main character, choosing a boy or a girl, and then altering hair style and colour, skin-tone, and by adding glasses or other facial features. You can also choose the manager and team mates – either real footballers, or using your child’s friends. For our design we made Joe’s grandad the manager, and let him appear in the book as ‘Grandad Mick’ – something Joe absolutely adored.


The finished product is just fabulous, a real treat for the recipient, as they are the true hero of the story. The book is a glossy paperback with lovely bright illustrations.  I liked the fact that the child is mentioned on every page and is totally at the heart of the story, and also loved that you can further personalise the book by adding a message on the title page.


The finished product arrived within a couple of days of being ordered, and at just £9.99, I think the value is extremely good. This book would make the perfect gift for any footie mad child, Joe Luca certainly loves his!


With thanks to Penwizard for the wonderful book.

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