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Creating a living space in your garden

It has to be said that I have seen a lot of Santa since November began. I have already visited three grotto’s, with another visit to come on Sunday. And while the quality of Santa impersonation can be variable to say the least, the Log Cabins which have doubled as grotto’s and workshops have been pretty impressive, feeling warm, cosy and very festive.


But why should Santa have all the fun when it comes to log Cabins? If you have a larger garden, these buildings are actually a great way to add more living space to your home by utilising the outside area.  They can be as small or as large as you want, varying in use so that they can be anything from a children’s playhouse to a home office, or a beautiful garden room that can be enjoyed all year around. If you look at Green House Stores, you will see that these days Log Cabins in the UK can be just as tough and durable as their Scandinavian counterparts, as they are now made with Nordic Spruce rather than timber framing used in the past.

Palmako Hanna Log Cabin

Where Log Cabins really differ from a general shed or outhouse is in the security and comfort. Even in chilly Winter, the fact that the cabins are constructed using double glazing, proper tongue and groove floors and roofing mean that this will feel more like a room in a house, rather than something sitting in your garden. In addition, the high-security latches and locks mean that the cabin can be locked up securely when it is not in use.

Palmako Florence Log Cabin

There are so many styles that range from those traditional cabins you see in Switzerland and the Alps, to very modern designs that look like they were dreamed up on that Kevin McCloud programme. You can quite literally build a dream cabin in your own garden. Just watch that Santa doesn’t spot it when he’s doing his rounds and doesn’t decide to move in!

Palmako Etta Log Cabin


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